Applicable to any organisation within the automotive supply chain; refining quality and verifying the integrity of supplies to the industry.

TS16949 is the Quality Management Standard specific to the Automotive Industry and has been used extensively in the industry to ensure that organisations have the ability to meet their stated goals and objectives. It focuses on the link between the company’s business plan and its quality system through planning and implementation of quality objectives and measures throughout the organisation,  designed to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved.

Momentum Partnership will provide you with a bespoke system that is guaranteed to achieve a fully UKAS compliant TS16949 Management System.

Key requirements must take into account any customer specific requirements and include:-

  • A fully functional Business Plan that shows how customer satisfaction is to be achieved and measured and has clearly defined links to measurable quality objectives
  • Definition of responsibilities including the authority to stop production to correct quality issues
  • Top management review of the performance of the system including cost of poor quality
  • HR management processes to define competencies, the provision of training for all categories of staff and the measurement of the effectiveness of actions taken
  • The employment of strategies to create an environment where innovation thrives and to motivate staff to achieve quality objectives and make continuous improvement
  • Measurement of the extent to which staff understand the link between their actions and the achievement of quality objectives
  • A focus on product and process design
  • The use of techniques such as SPC, FMEA, MSA.
  • Supplier development
  • The effective control of production with control plans and work instructions
  • Control of internal and external calibration and testing laboratories
  • Measurement of customer perception of satisfaction
  • Effective system, process and product audits
  • The use of data analysis to drive continual improvement
  • Proof of continual improvement in manufacturing processes and throughout the organisation


Momentum Partnership will provide you with a customised system that is guaranteed to give you a fully UKAS compliant TS16949 Quality Management System for Automotive Industry. All of our systems are designed to allow progressive integration of other standards within a common framework.


Your system development, implementation and ongoing support are in safe hands with us.


Our 100% success rate since 1997 says so!


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