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Momentum Partnership Marketing is one of Birmingham and the West Midlands’ leading sales support agencies specialising in B2B lead generation services, Telemarketing and Sales Pipeline growth.

Our experienced team of sales and marketing experts is supported by Momentum’s bespoke lead management CRM platform which helps your company do more with data and create high performing sales pipelines underpinned by research and insight. 

Our personal approach works by taking a broad and deep interest in our Partners’ businesses and by identifying strategies that deliver the best response and long-term ROI.

momentum process of sales and marketing strategy

Our Sales Generation process

At Momentum, we pride ourselves on offering tailored sales generation services to each of our Partners. We carefully assess your needs and your goals, as well as the market, and we use that to identify the perfect audience for you. We pinpoint the key decision-makers via prospect profiling and we collaborate with you to create a bespoke lead generation strategy that represents your brand and engages your prospects to nurture long-lasting customer relationships.

Our lead generation agency will help you achieve your immediate objectives and continue to grow together at a pace that meets your vision for the future by using a simple three-step process to deliver a portfolio of services that ensures you get an excellent return on investment.

1. Strategy

Creating a strategy unique to your business requirements will be developed by our team of sales and marketing experts, based upon the three cornerstones of Market Analysis, Prospect Profiling and Implementation Planning. Strategy is not a one-off deliverable, it is constantly evolving as we learn more about your company, your customers and the success of each campaign or workstream.


2. Communication

As part of our online lead generation services, we work with each of our Partners to create a unique communications strategy which underpins your brand. We create content founded in research and tailor it to match the intent and needs of your audience, as well as the platform it will be shared on. We continue to review and optimise your lead generation marketing strategy to achieve optimum results.
Supported by our own CRM platform and telemarketing team, we’ll ensure that data is acquired and maintained in compliance with GDPR and managed in real-time, allowing near-instantaneous campaign delivery, ideal when speed to market is imperative.

3. Sales Conversion

Successful sales conversion combines research, analysis and timely, engaging content with a high level of data integrity. Our sales and marketing generation services address each aspect, ensuring that your brand message is seen at the right time, in the right place by the right audience. Momentum can also assist with training and coaching your in-house sales functions, helping them identify more opportunities from data provided via our bespoke CRM platform.

Industries we partner:

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is all about creating a pathway to the front door of your business. In today’s world, your brand needs to be seen to succeed. Whether this visibility is online, on social media or via targeted email campaigns, your profitability will be defined by being in the right place and at the right time. But it’s not just about chance. At Momentum, we collaborate with our Partners to design an inbound marketing strategy that delivers on your future ambitions and objectives.

Our inbound lead generation services are designed to attract and engage new valuable prospects without resorting to aggressive cold calling. Once we’ve identified the right people to target we focus on nurturing the relationship between you and your contacts so that leads turn into conversions. We do that by encompassing Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and website optimisation, all supported by engaging written content to help develop leads and grow your sales pipeline.

  • High-quality leads only: We find the decision-makers for you and help you get to the right people at the right time
  • Intent-driven marketing: Our inbound marketing strategy always centres around intent ensuring you reach out to prospects with content and services they already want
  • Instant leads delivery: As soon as the leads are generated and vetted, we let you know so you can target them right away increasing your chances of conversion
  • Bespoke CRM Solutions: Managing your contacts and building an ongoing relationship with your contacts has never been easier

GDPR-Compliant Lead Generation

At Momentum, we believe in acquiring great quality leads, which is why we thrive in GDPR-compliant lead generation. By using opt-in forms and conducting in-depth research to understand what your audience really needs, we create targeted content that drives organic engagement and builds trust in your brand, all while staying in line with the GDPR privacy rules. In fact, opt-in forms are also a valuable tool in the lead filtering process, as they allow you to fine-tune your strategy and focus on the contacts who truly want to engage with your services.

Information security is not just something we do; it is organisational culture and one that is deeply embedded in Momentum Partnership’s business. Our approach to information security is based on the control of risk, as per the industry standards and best practice. We are committed to establishing and continually improving our ISMS (information security management system) and have developed a framework for setting objectives that will establish an overall sense of direction and principles for action regarding information security.

Get going with the sales and marketing experts at Momentum

We pride ourselves on a straightforward, can-do approach and usually propose solutions to your requirements within 24 hours. If you are looking for a more complex response, or are considering a wider marketing strategy, why not consider booking a Discovery Meeting? 

If you already know what you want to achieve, look at how Momentum can get you there

If you are just starting out, our Discovery Meeting will help you find solutions


Our bespoke CRM software package provides you with complete oversight of your data, leads, prospects and sales pipeline. Exclusive to Momentum, our software provides even micro-businesses with ‘big-company’ flexibility and data insight. Crucially, our CRM platform helps your company identify gaps and quality issues within your existing data, which helps us, help you in targeting the right contacts at the right time. 
Momentum’s CRM helps you ‘see the wood from the trees’ and in time, implementing our CRM software assists you with the identification and development of many more business opportunities, helping your sales teams spend more time with prospects who are firmly within the buying cycle. 
We can arrange for a full system demonstration and provide a detailed quote which fits around your current business needs and future ambitions. 

Partnering with Momentum

Our well-respected partnership approach is constantly evolving to suit the needs of business today. As many companies face the challenges of recovery from the effects of the pandemic, our personalised and can-do attitude places ‘real life’ people at the heart of our business relationship.  

As soon as permitted, our face-to-face meetings will resume, to complement a variety of virtual channels including MS Teams, Zoom and Google. 

During 2020 Momentum Partnered with Coventry & Warwickshire LEP Growth Hub to collect intelligence from businesses around their COVID-19 recovery strategy and the impact it had on businesses using our survey service alongside email and telesales.

The next few years will require companies of all types to change what they do and how they do it. Momentum’s proven service portfolio is backed by our diverse expertise and allows us to deliver valuable, outsourced lead generation services and sales generation services designed with your company’s goals in mind. We work in partnership with you to ensure your continued success and future growth. 

Get some Momentum in your business. Email or Call our sales and marketing experts on 024 7666 2004 

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The Success Story

See our clients who have been satisfied with our sales and marketing solutions

Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason
Momentum fulfill the Business Devlopment role for Mason & King, offering a wide range of services from email marketing to social media management. Their expertise allows them to gain access to decision makers within organisations typically not available to the casual caller. Highly recommended to fill a development/ marketing role many SME companies do not have internally.
Sean Davies
Sean Davies
“We recognised the need to implement a marketing strategy that could support our objective to evolve the business; diversify our target market, increase our customer base and ultimately develop the profitability of Kiyokuni Europe Ltd. Working with Momentum Partnership has provided us with the time, the resource and the expertise that we are lacking in house, to drive our marketing communications forward and help us to achieve this objective.”
Barkley Plastics
Barkley Plastics
Great company that provides exceptional e-mail marketing support and analysis. Friendly and professional
Ryan Hatch
Ryan Hatch
We worked with Momentum Partnership for a little over a year. Within that time frame they helped us gain valuable new customers and RFQ's from companies we had never previously dealt with. The team at Momentum were always professional and helpful. Would highly recommend.
Mark Covill
Mark Covill
Momentum have proven to be professional in all aspects of our relationship from preparing material to the customer contact in follow up activity.
Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien
“Momentum invested time getting to know Forward; to understand our business aims and objectives, whilst respecting our culture. Our trust in Momentum has been rewarded with real results, which have enabled us to invest further in our business.”
Andy Eastwood
Andy Eastwood
“Carrs have been very happy with the whole experience of working with Momentum, and particularly are pleased with the way Laura, our dedicated sales partner, works with our sales team. She is always extremely pleasant to deal with and communication of her weekly tasks is excellent.”
Nicola Yapp
Nicola Yapp
Heather and the Momentum team helped my business create a clear sales strategy. Together we defined our target audience and they then worked to build us a database, improve our website and start communicating with our potential customers. They have completely refreshed our approach to sales and marketing which has helped us to secure new business.
peter nee
peter nee
Would recommend this company to all future staff and clients. Great management in place to help you build your skill set and reach personal and business aspirations!

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004