Getting a grip on prospect data

Getting a Grip On Prospect Data

Getting A Grip On Prospect Data

Want to know the winning formula?

Quality Prospect Data + A CRM Platform = LESS Admin + MORE selling! Now that’s the sort of equation we can get our head around.

Bringing in new leads in critical to any business looking to survive, thrive and grow! No new leads means no new business! It’s as simple as that. But, as we all know, bringing in new leads is never simple.

For most companies looking for new leads the missing link is well organised, good quality prospect data…or lack of it!

Too many companies rely on stacks of business cards, a dangerously old-fashioned rolodex or badly organised spreadsheets.

What you need is a CRM platform. Nothing too flashy, or expensive – just something that is simple to use and easily accessible for your entire sales team.


‘CRM’ stands for Customer Relationship Management. A system for managing all of your company’s relationships and interactions with both customers and prospects!

It holds and organises all of your prospect data and also streamlines your sales team’s admin thus improving your profitability. Sounds appealing already doesn’t it!

The Momentum CRM platform is an online system for recording and tracking those relationships and interactions. Including: meeting notes, decision maker information, upcoming project information, long term sales potential, and anything else that may help you close that sale.

Tracking your data and communications will also help you get a clearer picture of your long term sales pipeline which in turn will make your sales forecasting more accurate.

Prospect Data and a CRM will be your most valuable assets within your sales growth strategy. Yet we consistently see companies fast-tracking to the marketing communications, splashing out without laying the foundations first!

Get in touch for some free, friendly advice on how we can help you to obtain and manage quality prospect data that meets your ‘ideal customer’ criteria.

Getting a grip on prospect data