Getting Some Momentum In Business Recovery

Getting Some Momentum In Business Recovery

It’s now twelve months since the country prepared to close its doors in the face of a pandemic. Like many people, we expected coronavirus to come and go; much like the seasonal flu.

Fortunately, Momentum had the foresight to invest heavily in business continuity before the pandemic. This included VOIP phone systems, cloud data infrastructure and home working tech, which replicated our office into spare bedrooms, kitchen tables and even sheds!

This investment helped keep Momentum operational throughout the last year. It has also helped us plan for recovery and define our services for the future.

Change happened overnight.

Remember the silence? Roads, skies and phones went quiet. Even the notification chimes on phones and laptops were silenced, as many businesses, like most of the population took to their sofas. Business owners begun to realise that when the recovery came, doing business would be different, and the market in which we all operate would need new tools. We didn’t know it at the time, but Industry 4.0 had begun.

What is the fourth industrial revolution? What does Industry 4.0 mean to me?

As Telford, Brunel, Fleming and Berners-Lee pioneered in earlier revolutions, the way data is used will drive the new industrial revolution. Data will provide companies with metrics to influence strategy, systems, people and process. Data will simply touch everything we do and every decision we make. Industry 4.0 will change how we interact with everything: placing data, algorithms and virtual reality into everyday life. And in many sectors, including our own, data drives decisions.

Whatever happens next, industry experts believe we’re already experiencing the impacts of the fourth industrial revolution. We can already forecast that data intelligence will be at the heart of recovery. Companies which understand their data, as one of their most valuable assets, will be able to realise their potential more quickly as we enter a period of recovery combined with long-term economic uncertainty.

For Momentum and our partners, we’re placing data at the heart of our portfolio of services. From strategy, through implementation and into review, the use of data (and how we can help your company do more with what you have) will be at the heart of our proposals.

If you would like to know more about Industry 4.0, we’ve partnered with an expert in the field to bring you an insightful whitepaper.  Make sure you’re subscribed to our regular newsletter here.

How Momentum is changing to meet the demands of the new marketplace

Established in 1998, Momentum Partnership Marketing has seen some huge changes in the business environment. The speed of change and increasing competition continues to expose knowledge and experience gaps in companies of all sizes and across every sector. Momentum helps bridge those gaps by forming long term, added value and trusting relationships with each of our partners.

The Pandemic ‘pause’ has been a time of reflection as well as action here at Momentum. We’ve looked critically at what we’re good at, and most importantly how we can help our partners develop strong sales pipelines by creating marketing strategies; bespoke to their business.

Our team will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, but our personal approach will continue as before. Heather and her team are always available for virtual meetings, and when restrictions permit, face to face appointments will resume.

We’re also taking a look at the services we offer. The first phase of this change will be to update our own website, digital media channels and online content. In all of our own marketing, we will define exactly what we do and how we do it.  Our aims are clear:

  • We will outline our services and what they mean to your company in plain English.
  • We will place ourselves in the heart of the West Midlands business community, helping professionals, micro businesses and small and medium sized companies recover.
  • We will clearly state what to expect from each of our services.
  • We will develop new services to help your business stay one step ahead of market trends.
  • We will help your company make the best use of its data.

Getting some Momentum in your business recovery.

If you’ve not already started to consider your recovery plan, rest assured your competitors have! Whilst we’re changing the way we do things, it’s still business as usual at Momentum, so why not make Momentum part of your business recovery?

We’re arranging individual Discovery meetings now, for both new and existing partners looking to plan their recovery. An initial meeting will usually take around an hour and is part of a three-stage process which will provide you with valuable insights and actions which you can take away, without charge. From past experience, these meetings are universally met with good feedback and offer significant value for future partners, especially when faced with making substantial changes in their business. To book your Discovery meeting, click here

With businesses of all types considering how to respond to future unknowns, let Momentum provide clarity and get your company moving forward into recovery: and beyond. We’re looking forward to getting started and getting some Momentum into your company.

Getting Some Momentum In Business Recovery

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