Time Out For a Review: Keep Your Eye On The End Goal

Time Out For a Review: Keep Your Eye On The End Goal

It’s time for the half-time team talk – how will you inspire your players?

After the start of each year, when the targets are set, it is so easy throw yourself into the game and just work towards what you think are your goals. However, as in football, if you don’t break at half time to assess your situation, you just don’t know where you are and what you need to do to score your goals.

The mid-year review is an important part of any annual business plan. It is time to pause and contemplate two matters:

  1. Review the progress and performance demonstrated to date.
  2. Create plans required for the remainder of the year.


It is all about asking the right questions:

Are you achieving your goals? Are you using all your resources to their maximum potential?
If so, what can you do to get from where you are to where you want to be?
A mid-year review always involve the following stages:

  1. Assessment – Your successes so far and how you achieved them
  2. Goal Review – Are your end goals achievable? Is there anything preventing you meeting your goals?
  3. Next Steps – What steps will you take to keep focused on achieving your goals? Do you need to change your tactics? Are there any new skills you need to develop?

Want to talk tactics?

Here, at Momentum Partnership, we care about your mid-year goals as well as overall business objectives. Whether you want to work towards your management system certification or you want to increase your sales we are here to listen to you and help you be on target!

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Time Out For a Review: Keep Your Eye On The End Goal