Who’s doing your website health checks and updates?

Make your website investment count!

Investing in a new website is, quite often, a big step for many companies.
Most business owners now realise that to not have a website is like not existing in the business world.
Your website is a constant portal between visitors and your company. The condition and relevance of your website is a direct reflection of the condition and relevance of your business.

This is why website maintenance is so important. Downtime of a website not only gets penalised by Google and could affect your search engine rankings, but it will also make visitors question the legitimacy of the company. Out of date content is another negative thing that Google and customers will notice.

Benefits of a good website:

  • Your company’s business card – How else will your customers and prospects know what your products and services are?
  • Credibility – An opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust you and the testimonials and facts to back up those opportunities.
  • Cost-effective – There are no hidden costs, cost breakdown is provided upfront.
  • Accessible around the clock – Any news, changes and development can be communicated quickly.
  • A base for all marketing activities – Showcasing products and services is important. Making sure your USPs are present and visible straight away is paramount!

Most of the websites are currently built using online open source website systems such as WordPress or Joomla (also known as content management systems). Even if you don’t change the content of your website, they are never static. The online CMS needs maintenance and regular updates and here is why:

  1. Security – new releases help protect the website and keep the threats at bay
  2. Website speed – keeping up to date with new releases will improve the speed of your website and its performance
  3. More user-friendly – if you’re running an out-dated version , your website could get “glitchy”. Maintaining your website will help keeping it safe and problem-free.
  4. Compatibility – often plugin and theme developers coordinate their updates with major releases to ensure they’re taking advantage of newly available features and enhancements.


Momentum Partnership can keep your website up to date!

If you want to make sure your website is up to date, we can look after your website.
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Who’s doing your website health checks and updates?