Why Have A Sales Strategy?

Why Have A Sales Strategy?

Why Have  A Strategy

If you don’t plan for sales growth, are you willing to settle for just being OK?

Is your company just walking, when it could be running? If so, here’s a few basic reasons why you should have a Sales Growth strategy;

Most Company Directors would tell us they have a plan when it comes to moving the business forwards. However, it often transpires that ‘the plan’, is only located in their head.

For any company looking to increase their sales, a realistic and measurable strategy is an essential tool to maximise your potential for growth, and reach your objectives as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Questions to ask yourself if you already have a strategy for sales growth;

Has it been objectively evaluated?

It is all too easy to get blinkered when you are closely involved in something. Having a fresh pair of eyes, external to the company, to look over the strategy can often throw up things you may have missed and help you to refine the focus. And they can usually be more honest, no matter how brutal!

Is it realistic?

It is important to set objectives that are achievable based on your current market position, the competition and your estimated potential for growth. There is nothing more deflating and demotivating than unachievable expectations, that are easy to lose sight of.

Can it be measured?

Putting measures in place will keep your strategy on the right track, and make you are aware of activities that are not working for you so you don’t prolong them unnecessarily, wasting valuable time and money. Hitting targets is also extremely motivational for those involved…particularly if they are incentivised!

Why Have A Sales Strategy?