Taking the lead in Lead Generation

Taking the lead in Lead Generation.
Why Momentum’s strategy works time and time again

Any B2B sales support agency can help generate leads, but as we know, volume does not always signify quality. Momentum is a small agency which is driven by three core values: 

  1. Consistent improvement
  2. Quality deliveries, every time
  3. Team spirit and collaboration

These are far from clever corporate buzz-phrases, they are values which run through everything we do for our partners. This is why we’ve built long term relationships with many of our partners over the years, as we’ve grown with their needs. 

Our team are multi-talented too. With a high level of internal collaboration, there are few things that we can’t resolve together and few strategies that we can’t help deliver. 

A simple strategy at the heart of everything we do. 

Momentum offers a bespoke service for every partner and we use a three-stage process to deliver lead generation results. 

1 – Strategy 

We use a combination of Market Analysis, Prospect Profiling and Implementation Planning to devise a unique strategy for each of our partners. These tools are underpinned by Momentum CRM, our bespoke data platform. 

2 – Communication 

We develop a communications strategy using a well-respected toolkit which includes Data Management, Acquisition and Profiling, Telemarketing, and a full suite of Digital Marketing and Content Creation services.  

3 – Sales Conversion 

Momentum’s lead generation activities aim to build and maintain a strong pipeline for future conversion. Our work will help create timely messages to help your brand stand out from the competition and improve prospect engagement.  

Is your data good enough? 

Almost certainly your data points have changed in the last eighteen months. Contacts have moved, roles have changed and for many companies, employees may be working in disparate offices or at home.  

Heather Davies, our Operations Manager is well known for saying that data is only accurate on the day it’s written down. And it’s completely true: data is shifting and companies are becoming more adept in avoiding research calls, making staying on top of changes to your prospect list a full-time job! 

Ultimately, using old or inaccurate data for any form of outbound marketing, sales activity or market research is folly. Costs per contact will rise and results will be poor.  

The only way to improve lead generation results is to solidify your data, store it correctly and compliantly on a good CRM platform – and keep it live. 

How does Momentum work to help generate more leads for my company? 

Communications are pivotal to a successful lead generation strategy and in the ‘always connected’, fourth industrial revolution environment, a combination of methodologies will usually be required. 

Momentum garners a team of specialists to deliver telephone, email and digital marketing strategies, underpinned by our own CRM platform, great written content and a consistent focus on data integrity. 

And we’re constantly learning. What went well, what didn’t work. This continual improvement strategy helps improve results and ensures a better ROI for all our partners. 

Choosing between an in-house or outsourced strategy. 

We believe that outsourcing provides greater control of costs, better outputs and allows your company to focus on doing what it does best, whilst we do the rest. A well-managed outsourced contract with Momentum is constantly monitored within a set of agreed KPI’s which cover performance and contact. 

Will you be our next partner? 

Our team have worked together for many years and are the masters of collaboration! With differing approaches, styles and expertise overseeing our partnership, there are very few scenarios we can’t visualise. 

This team approach has helped Momentum deliver solutions for companies in many different sectors over the years and we believe this collaborative way of working is central to our mutual success past, present and future.  

If you’re ready for a new partner, call us straight away: 02476 662 004

Taking the lead in Lead Generation