Need to get some Momentum in your business recovery?

Need to get some Momentum into your business recovery? Walk this way.. 

In mid-March, we began the process of reviewing our partnership services and reassessing how we do business; in what seemed like an ever-changing business environment. 

Almost three months later, we’ve now rewritten our website, honed our services and have begun a wide-ranging marketing campaign to help get Momentum’s name even more widely known across the West Midlands business community. 

  • How’s recovery going for your company? 

     We know there are certain sectors that are seeing significant growth and others where reawakening from the slumber is more sluggish. Whichever camp you’re in, Momentum are ready to get your recovery moving forward. 

     Our team are paying particular attention to our partner’s data at present, especially as many companies are encountering gaps in their client information, changes in contacts or lapses in contract knowledge. This is leaving huge prospect gaps, with only those firms who are nimble or well-resourced able to identify and progress potential opportunities. 

     Telemarketing campaigns which work alongside a programme of prospect profiling and research and are supported by Momentum’s own CRM platform, are some of our most in-demand services at present. These campaigns form part of a wider outsourced sales support strategy which is often better value than the employment of consultants or in-house resource. 

     Ready to get going or looking to develop a strategy? 

     Ultimately, we’re all looking to establish a firm footing for the future of our business. To do this, we need to curate our contacts, grow our pipeline and convert these prospects to make sales. 

     For many companies, this end result may not be achievable because something in the preparation (or strategy) is missing. Often, our well-respected gap analysis can be undertaken following a short chat or brief meeting. In this case, we’ll agree on terms and get moving straight away! 

     What if I need some further advice? 

     No problem! We’ll set up one of our Discovery Meetings which do exactly what it says on the tin! We’ll discover more about you, your company and your aims, and you’ll find out all about us.  

    We can do this over the phone, in the virtual world, or if you’re in or around the West Midlands, we can come to you! 

     Many of our partners recognise that our Discovery Meetings are both worthwhile and offer significant added value; even if not all recommendations are enacted. 

     Want to read more? 

     There are plenty of strings to our bow, so why not read more on our website? Whether your company is looking to create a lead generation strategy, undertake a social media campaign or just undertake a content refresh, we can help. 

     Our hardworking team work together to find solutions for almost every B2B requirement, however, we are always up for a challenge and to learn something new! In over twenty years of commitment to the West Midlands, we’ve helped hundreds of companies develop their client base in readiness for sales conversion. Will you be our next partner? 

Get some Momentum in your business today. Call us for a chat or drop us a line: we’re never too far away.

Need to get some Momentum in your business recovery?