Don’t let your Prospects slip away whilst you’re away

Don’t let your Prospects slip away whilst you’re away

Despite the effects of multiple lockdowns, for many companies, 2021 has been a frenetic year so far. The adaption to a hybrid workplace, almost constant change in the business environment and a sense of catching-up on time lost in 2020 has meant we’re receiving enquiries from a broad range of industry sectors.

That’s great news for Momentum and we’re looking forward to delivering great things for our new partners!

With all this pent-up demand and increase in business activity, there is a sense that we all need a holiday, but we’re very conscious that whilst the West Midlands may soon be out of office for a couple of weeks, this is a time where your warmest prospects may be ripe for poaching by eager competitors! 

Momentum: your perfect out of office assistant! 

It’s likely that while many employees will take a holiday this summer, the phased return to work post furlough will mean that many companies will keep trading and servicing their client base throughout the usual closure period. And this includes Momentum.

One of the benefits of outsourcing is that we’re there when you’re not, so providing we have an agreed programme of works, we can continue supporting your business and strengthening your pipeline, in readiness for your return from holiday.  

Keeping your brand messages alive throughout the summer.  

Stats from Google suggest that a staggering 78% of those in leadership roles and 87% of SME owners check-in with their emails, teams or other work platforms during their holiday. Two thirds also use their time away from the workplace to develop action plans, strategies or other informal research. 

Even before the pandemic, we’ve seen this ‘out of office’ activity grow over the last five years and believe that the quieter holiday times provide a great opportunity to drop social/digital campaigns, undertake in-depth research, launch telemarketing campaigns and improve your data hygiene.  

Setting a summer strategy. 

Momentum’s summer approach is based around your company’s resource and capacity throughout the season and planning ahead for the return to the office. 

Firstly, if you’re ready to get going with a plan of action now, call us: we’re here waiting. 

If you’re considering how we may be able to help, have a think about: 

  • Summer is the perfect time to conduct market analysis which provides a deep-dive of sector-specific or industry information, which may provide essential data on customers, clients, market size and buying propensity.  
  • A further concentration on your target sector can provide significant granularity on the sales potential of every contact within your database. Summer telemarketing can help identify everything from ‘bums on seats’ to the age, type and configuration of equipment within your prospect’s office. 
  • By using Momentum’s bespoke CRM platform, we work in close contact with our partners to create an implementation plan using the data received and configured during the summer break. These plans are presented in a ‘shovel ready’ format and ready to launch at the most opportune moment for your company. 

In short, setting a plan with Momentum for the summer break helps keep your brand moving forward during the quieter weeks and sets the scene for an impactful push once the workforce is back to business as usual. 

Choosing between an in-house or outsourced strategy. 

We believe that choosing an outsourced partner provides greater control of costs, better outputs and allows your company to focus on doing what it does best, whilst we do the rest. A well-managed outsourced contract with Momentum is constantly monitored within a set of agreed KPI’s which cover performance and contact. 

Will you be our next partner? 

Our well-respected partnership approach is constantly evolving to suit the needs of business today. As many companies face the challenges of recovery from the effects of the pandemic, our personalised and can-do attitude places ‘real life’ people at the heart of our business relationship.   

If you’re looking for a partnership that will help boost your sales performance, talk to our team today on 02476 662 004 or email We’ll be happy to help. 

Don’t let your Prospects slip away whilst you’re away