Setting A Sales Strategy That Works

Setting a sales strategy that works.
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With over twenty years experience in the B2B sector and more years than we care to mention in a sales environment, there are three common questions which crop up time and time again in our discussions with prospective partners: 

  1. How can we increase our sales?


  2. How can we turn prospects into buyers? 
  3. How can improve the quality of our contact list? 

While the same questions arise, advances in technology and the changing face of the business environment mean that strategies which worked two years ago can be somewhat irrelevant now. 

Here at Momentum, we challenge ourselves to learn something new every day. This may sound trite, but staying ahead of trends has ensured our position as one of the West Midlands leading sales support agencies for many years. 

A simple strategy at the heart of everything we do. 

Momentum prides itself on a tailored service for each of our partners, with a simple three-pronged process at the heart of our service model:  

1 – Strategy

Creating a strategy unique to your business requirements will be developed by our team of experts, based upon the three cornerstones of Market Analysis, Prospect Profiling and Implementation Planning. 
Strategy is not a one-off deliverable, it is constantly evolving as we learn more about your company, your customers and the success of each campaign or workstream.  

2 – Communication 

We work with each of our partners to create a unique communications strategy which underpins your brand. For partners who choose a multi-platform marketing strategy, we will tailor content to each, and constantly review to achieve optimum results. 

3 – Sales Conversion 

Successful sales conversion combines research, analysis and timely, engaging content with a high level of data integrity. Our services address each aspect, ensuring that your brand message is seen at the right time, in the right place. We can also help develop your sales teams with face to face coaching and training. 

Ready to get going or looking to develop a strategy? 

For many of our partners, there’s a straightforward ask; and we deliver. If you’re in that position reading this, why not give us a call: now? Here’s the number: 02476 662 004 .  

If you’re considering a wider strategy, it’s time to take advantage of a complimentary Discovery Meeting, where we can discuss a package of sales support services to help you achieve your objectives. Email us now: 

Can you help me? 

We’ve helped partners across a wide range of industrial and professional sectors in our long history, and almost every week brings a new challenge.  

With the West Midlands being one of the most diversified economies in the UK, our team of experts are always staying on top of trends and business change.  

In the last few years, we’ve helped deliver strategies for sectors as diverse as local government departments to aerospace suppliers and from laser cutting professionals to financial services providers. If you’re a B2B professional, we’d like to hear from you!  

Choosing between an in-house or outsourced strategy.  

Momentum’s outsourced services take away many unknown costs from your company, by allowing your teams to focus on their roles: sales, marketing, admin, etc.  

By having the right data at the right time, we can help you manage every aspect of a sophisticated marketing campaign, providing insight throughout: and in review. This constant process of learning, doing, and reviewing ensures the absolute best ROI.  

Will you be our next partner? 

Our services frequently cost less than an in-house full-time marketing or sales support employee. With a single point of contact, underpinned by a great team, we believe we’re a lot more accountable for results too! 

Get on board with Momentum, we hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

Get some Momentum in your business today. Call us for a chat or drop us a line: we’re never too far away.

Setting A Sales Strategy That Works