The Definition of a Sales Lead… and where it leads to!

The Definition of a Sales Lead… and where it leads to!

Where a sales lead, leads.

The last decade has brought us many things: fast Internet within hand’s reach – thanks to smart phones – social media, online shopping, online food delivery apps and the influx of online marketing companies promising you 10 leads a day to support your sales growth.

Since many products and services are now conveniently ‘a click away’ why shouldn’t 10 leads a day be something as achievable as ordering a high street restaurant takeaway through Deliveroo? As with online takeaway services, you base your decision purely on what’s provided on the app. You don’t engage your own senses such as smell, sight to qualify if this really is the dish you want to eat. Same with those ten promised leads – are these of quality you are looking for?

The devil is in the details

While these companies might deliver what they promise – it might not be what you are expecting.

Approaching 20 years of working with SMEs, we have heard many definitions of a lead.
Some people will think that leaving a business card at your stand at a trade show would count as a lead. Others will believe a person visiting their website will be a lead, and certainly when they sign up for their newsletter! Yet another person will say: a lead is when a potential customer makes contact and says that they are interested, or requests a quote.

Managing your expectations

As long as your Key Performance Indicators are established and agreed – each of these definitions might be right.
A lead – as it says itself – should lead somewhere. If Twitter followers are what you’re after, then each new follower would be your lead! If your target is to provide a sustainable increase, month on month, of the number of newsletter subscribers, then these would be your leads.
Does that support your sales growth? Not directly – there is still a lot of work to do to convert them into customers.

What we call a sales lead

Here, at Momentum Partnership, we work with each client to develop qualifying criteria for a sales lead.
We qualify it when it fits all of the qualifying criteria agreed by client during our set up period, making sure expectations are being met.

Let us help you

Outsourcing can offer options suitable for you. You can choose services that complement your internal resources to achieve the best results for your sales growth strategy.

Read more about what we do to deliver a steady sales growth or contact us today!

The Definition of a Sales Lead… and where it leads to!

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