Account Based Marketing -ABM

Account Based Marketing

A collaborative approach for generating new business

Account based marketing (ABM) is broadly defined as a way to identify influencers within a narrow range of target companies, to which upweighted and highly targeted marketing is delivered to prompt engagement and action.

ABM is an increasingly preferred route to market as many companies want to establish collaboration between sales and marketing functions and third-party agencies.  

Momentum’s proven collaborative approach works by introducing our services and defining a plan of action for each of our partners to be developed and cascaded throughout their company. 

Of course, not all of our partners have a defined sales and marketing function, therefore many choose to use Momentum as a discrete marketing partner which works in tandem with sales offices and field sales executives on a remote basis. 

This partnership approach promotes a two-way flow of data and analytics which, when combined with Momentum’s CRM platform, allows a near-real-time analysis of data and prompts minor adjustments to help improve success rates. 

What can my company expect from a Momentum ABM campaign? 

A collaborative approach. We’ll listen to what you need to achieve and suggest best ways to deliver to your need. 

We’ll help find you the right contacts within your client database by undertaking data deep dives via a broad spectrum of proven methodologies. 

We’ll help create world-class copy and content which is designed to resonate with the target audience. This content management approach can be tailored on a momentary basis to address new contacts as they emerge. 

We will deliver targeted messages by a variety of platforms and methods. 

We will set regular data review points to define success criteria, review results and if necessary, change the target or KPI’s.

Data presentation and management – Momentum CRM

One of the marked changes in the last few years is that many businesses now use CRM platforms to ensure their data is managed compliantly and in real-time. If you have already invested in a platform, we can work within its requirements and securely transfer data seamlessly to your in-house system. 

If you are yet to establish a CRM software solution, that’s no problem. Our CRM platform has been developed over the last decade to provide data visibility for each of our partners and provides everything your sales team needs to put accurate data at the heart of everything. 

Is ABM for me? 

While ABM has been the preserve of well-funded and innovative larger companies, OMB’s and SME’s are now pioneering highly targeted ABM to grow their client roster and embed their brand with target audiences. 

ABM can be motivational for companies of all sizes, and the collaborative approach between sales and marketing functions can help reduce workplace barriers, reducing ‘them and us.’ 

Will you be our next partner? 

If you think you know what you need, give us a call to chat it through. We can get going straight away. Call us now on 02476 662 004.

If you would like some advice to talk through where Momentum can help your company flatten the waves of business in 2021, book a Discovery Meeting with Heather. Email us with your details and we’ll do the rest:

Account Based Marketing -ABM