Email – Does anyone still read email?

Does anyone still read email?

Around two billion people each day!

For some, email is as fashionable as British Home Stores and delivers only marginally better than Parcel Force, but email campaigns should remain at the heart of any modern marketing strategy according to Heather, our own Operations Director. 

Despite a move away from using email as a business tool in favour of MS Teams and other collaboration software, emails remain one of the best ways to talk to your client base to deliver news, information and key messages. 

So, why is this the case? Read on for more… 

The flexibility of an old friend.

Email has been in existence since the 1980s and in this time, has grown in importance within the business community. It is still a go-to medium for sending day to day messages within and outside organisations, but is it sufficiently powerful to use as an accountable marketing platform? Yes, it is! 

Over the years, Momentum have become experts in using proprietary mailing software (such as Mailchimp) to deliver email campaigns for partners. These powerful software suites permit myriad options for personalisation and are all supported by advanced analytics which outputs directly to our own CRM platform. 

These data insights allow us to assess the effectiveness of your advertising spend, whilst maintaining a record of received, read and delete actions and also adding a further level of ‘check and test’ to contacts. 

Of course, however good the software, the old marketing principles of Right Person, Right Message and Right Time are incredibly important. Messages which are short, well written and well-constructed with plenty of opportunity links are ideal for time-poor readers. Longer messages which delve deeper into a single subject area are good for an audience with time on their hands, such as during a long commute or at weekends.

A Complementary marketing strategy?

Email is best when it works alongside other marketing. If your company sells solutions, what better way to deliver your messages online, on social media and via email at the same time: effectively targeting every possible client on every possible platform? 

As we’ve highlighted before, influencers come in many shapes and sizes in many organisations, especially where enthusiastic team members are prompted to research solutions to common issues found in their workplace! Carefully curated marketing campaigns can help prompt engagement throughout a targeted client base, resulting in blanket coverage for your company.  

You can read more about Account-Based Marketing techniques in our recent blog <here>. 

Getting going with email.

We can help you get more from email very quickly. If you have a message to deliver, we can help develop core content, create an engaging format and establish a network of hyperlinks that prompt engagement. 

To help with effectiveness, we should also take time to run a full hygiene check on your data, as it’s inefficient to send emails to users who are disinterested or even gone away. Worse still, some recipients may even spam your account, thus reducing the impact of future campaigns, so a little time spent now will help you do more with email in the future. 

We also need to set up CRM to help you understand the results of your campaign and ensure that your contacts are kept up to date and ready to receive more information from your business. We can set you up a bespoke suite within our CRM platform or can output and work within your own chosen CRM software. A moment to establish these links upfront will allow you to address those recipients who want to learn more about your product or service quickly. 

Getting us on board

When you engage with Momentum you’re hiring our team of experts with all their knowledge for around the same cost as one full-time employee within your company.

If you think you know what you need, give us a call to chat it through. We can get going straight away. Call us now on 02476 662 004.

If you would like some advice to talk through where Momentum can help your company flatten the waves of business in 2021, book a Discovery Meeting with Heather. Email us with your details and we’ll do the rest:

Email – Does anyone still read email?