Partnerships – Consultancy, business support or partnerships

Consultancy, Business Support or Partnerships

How Momentum’s approach works with your company

Many OMB’s or SME’s would benefit from an additional pair of eyes to provide an objective view on their operation, but hiring McKinsey or PWC may not be an option at present!  

To be fair, the reputation of many larger consultancy firms is to provide identikit solutions gleaned from other operations and overlay them into your company. This can and does work, especially where funding is free-flowing, but for many smaller firms, third party resource has to deliver results not just theories. 

Of course, there are seldom totally new ideas or deliverables. Even social media campaigns use methodologies used in the ‘traditional’ marketing space to deliver results, so let’s face it, even Momentum will likely recommend strategies which are available from other providers!

But it’s not what’s recommended, it’s how strategies are created and implemented. 

Does my company need a ‘second pair of eyes?’ 

Before doing anything, it’s important to consider your own company when considering working with an outsourced or third-party agency:  

  • What exactly is it that you want to achieve? What is your strategy? 
  • Do you envisage the third party offering ‘white label’ services, i.e. offering outsourced services branded as your own company? 
  • Do you want to integrate your contact at Momentum into your own company for a period of time? In-sourcing is a popular choice where recruitment is not possible or where full-time resource is impractical or impossible. 
  • Do you see any barriers in your internal structure to using third party expertise? 
  • Are you open to challenges or feedback presented by a third party? 

If you believe that your company is able to keep an open mind and needs an objective or discrete partnership then Momentum may be your perfect business confidante.

Consultancy or Practicality, the choice is yours 

If you’ve read this far, your company likely needs our services, but you possibly need some help getting there.

Since 1996, our Operations Manager, Heather, has recruited and trained an expert team who balance a wide range of skillsets who will help deliver your objectives. We are a highly practical, tactical and hands-on sales support agency who are adept in rolling up our sleeves and getting involved or will work equally well at arm’s length. 

If you would prefer some sound, business advice to be implemented by your own team, Heather can work with you on a Consultancy basis too. To ensure the broadest possible base of business consultancy services, Heather may call upon the services of experienced and trusted Management Consultants who have worked alongside Heather and Momentum for many years. 

Whether it’s strategy, advisory or long-term consultancy that’s needed, Momentum will help you find a solution. 

Is outsourcing for you? 

Recruiting, training, coaching and retaining talent is challenging, time-consuming and costly. In a recent piece of research by Glassdoor, the average onboarding cost of an employee is £3,000 with Costs per Hire (CpH) increasing significantly since Brexit and the pandemic. 

Of course, training new employees takes time too, with on average 27.5 days taken to recruit and onboard new talent. 

If this expenditure is simply not an option or if your company needs to test the market before taking the plunge, then an outsourced partner may be an option. 

Momentum has worked as outsourced partners with companies in many industry sectors for over twenty years, therefore have a wide playbook to help with many sales and marketing requirements. We can also embed ‘white labelled’ resources within your company to help deliver your strategy in a hands-on manner. 

Find out below how you can get Momentum in your business. 

Let’s get some Momentum in your business. 

With over 25 years of experience, there are few scenarios in which we’ve not been involved, so if you’re ready for a new sales support partner, call us straight away: 02476 662 004 

We can’t wait to help your business move forward with Momentum. Get in touch soon with one of our team, or schedule a Discovery Meeting with Heather, our Operations Director now: 

Partnerships – Consultancy, business support or partnerships