Understanding the benefits of Outsourcing

Understanding the benefits of outsourcing

Achieve more and stay in control of costs

Outsourcing emerged as a concept in the 1950s but wasn’t adopted in the UK until the privatisation ‘boom’ of the 1980s. In contemporary corporate culture, the notion of outsourcing crucial aspects of sales or service is commonplace, yet for smaller enterprises, outsourcing remains an untapped route to market.    

In this short whitepaper, we consider why outsourcing has seldom been seen as a good ‘fit’ for SMEs and why Momentum is re-writing the rule book on outsourcing for smaller enterprises. 

The reputation of Outsourcing

In general, outsourcing is branded negatively by many business commentators, with very little thought as to the advantages that can be achieved by bringing expertise into your company – at arm’s length. 

Some of the negativity originates in poor training and delivery of offshore contracts in the 1990s and 2000s. These contracts were often seen as an inexpensive way to deliver repetitive services, whereby scripted responses can be delivered, and results monitored remotely. 

As readers will know, this approach was successful in reducing costs, but also significantly reduced Customer Experience / Net Promoter Score results in both the B2B and B2B space. The result of this, of course, was for some services to be brought back ‘in-house’, leaving the term ‘outsourcing’ irreparably damaged for many, with very ugly connotations. 

Outsourcing options

Many outsourcing failures have their root cause in poor planning. Understanding the ‘what, how and when’ metrics of delivery, alongside a budgetary control and reporting mechanism will underpin the success of your outsourced tasks. 

Of course, outsourcing can take many routes. Some see limited-scope outsourcing as ‘consultancy’ – the ability to take a view from a different perspective. Other companies see a wider and deeper scope to outsourcing, removing the necessity to recruit and retain expensive employees in key business areas. 

At Momentum, we offer a broad range of outsourcing services that use the extensive and collaborative experience of our team: for as long as you wish to use them.

Setting a strategy

While Momentum are renowned as quick-thinking experts, we’ll always work with each of our partners to ensure a strategy is fully considered – before launch. This forward-thinking approach means that everyone involved understands who, what, where and how tasks are being delivered and how success is monitored. 

Your strategy will be overseen by a named individual within the Momentum team and our Operations Director will be on-hand throughout (and beyond) your contract period.

Why Outsource?

The benefits for all sizes of B2B enterprise can be enormous, but we think there are five key reasons to outsource to Momentum: 

 1 – Focus your teams on sales and selling 

  • Use your best sales resource to convert prospects and achieve sales, in preference to time-consuming lead generation. 

2 – Reduce administrative burden on your valuable sales resource 

  • Outsourcing aspects of sales support removes repetitive administrative tasks from your sales team, improving results and accuracy! 

3 – Reduce cost burden of recruitment, retention and management of staff 

  • With recruitment costs escalating and high levels of on-boarding time resulting in potential lost sales, outsourcing allows many day to day tasks to be undertaken, often for the cost of a single FTE. 

4 – Broaden your company’s view of the multiple possible solutions to achieve maximum results 

  • Outsourcing to Momentum not only adds resource to deliver tasks, it also gives you access to almost one hundred years of combined experience in sales and marketing. 

5 – Utilisation of a ‘single source of truth’ CRM platform to monitor performance and highlight key prospects or areas of concentration  

  • If you’re not using a CRM platform yet, why not use Momentum’s CRM software to help keep track of performance and to highlight opportunities? If you have already embedded CRM, Momentum will also interact with these platforms – seamlessly.

What outsourcing solutions do we offer?


Our systematic approach to telemarketing allows you to identify, qualify and retain valuable leads by building personal relationships and rapport with prospects whilst refining data and reinforcing market intelligence. 

Email Marketing 

We help you maintain direct communication with your audience and build your brand whilst cost-effectively driving website visits and delivering excellent data insight. 

CRM & Data Management 

We make your data work for you by ensuring that your campaigns are delivered to the right people at the right time and monitoring the success and ROI of each. 

Digital Marketing 

We work alongside experts in SEO, PPC, web design and social media to amplify your presence across all digital platforms and help you achieve your business-critical goals. 

Content Marketing 

We create high-quality written content that both your audience and search engines will love. Our experienced content marketing specialists can leverage the power of great content to help you gain more leads, sales and increase brand awareness.

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Understanding the benefits of Outsourcing