Understanding our place in business life

Understanding our place in business life

Changes in our service, to help make us invaluable!

Many of us have been through the mill over the last eighteen months. From the quietest of days to the frantic recovery periods, every day has taught us important personal and professional lessons. 

At Momentum, we took advantage of those quieter days to review our services based upon some core principles: 

Understanding what we’re really good at. 

  • Reviewing our business based on the tried and trusted MoSCoW method. 
  • Creating services which support our Region’s business in recovery. 

 By focusing on our team strengths and combining this with a good chunk of coaching and development, we’ve come up with a distinct service offering for existing and new partners. 

Of course, we’d encourage everyone who’s reading this to examine our website in more detail, but this blog encapsulates our thinking into a couple of paragraphs. Read on for more, or just contact us now for a chat!

No, we’ve not moved to MoSCoW… 

Must Do.. 

Should Do.. 

Could Do… 

Would Do.. 

Many readers will know that MoSCoW is a famed business principle which focuses on delivering business value. It’s something that as a third-party/ outsourced service provider we can seldom undertake, as everything our partners wish to achieve is normally within the ‘Must have’ category! 

This prioritisation principle has led to a complete rebuild of our website, a refresh of all our online content and the undertaking a programme of web optimisation and Google advertising. 

We have also taken a closer look at the services we offer our prospective partners and tried to define where our services will fit within your organisation. And to this end, we think we’ve ticked all the boxes. 

Of course, MoSCoW also means that some things will have to wait until a future date, but as we begin to rebuild, we hope you’ll see much more of Momentum in the coming months and years.

We know what we’re good at, so that’s what we’re going to do: now and in the future. 

In over twenty years, we’ve become famous for delivering great sales support and marketing strategies: which are proven to work. Mainly focused on the manufacturing and light industrial sector, we were early adopters of CRM and developed our own data platform, many years before ‘Salesforce’ was even a pipe dream. 

Analysing our successful partnerships has given us the impetus to refocus our range of services: something which we hope will see our partners come back time and time again to Momentum. 

There is a distinct line where marketing ends and sales take over. Sales is something we can help you achieve, but it’s not our strength: and this is why. 

If you sell a product or service, you know the market, you know what your customers want or need and most importantly, you know how to sell to this need. You know the product inside-out: it’s USPs and its foibles. We don’t. 

That’s why all our services are designed to do two things: 

  1. Do everything possible to give you quality data and tools which enable your professional sales teams to convert the sale and develop their client base. 
  1. Provide quantitative data to help you improve future results and recommend strategies to help you do so. 

By honing what we deliver, we can offer a greater range of services to help our partners achieve more.

What if we don’t have a sales team? 

In recent years, the amount of owner managed businesses or micro enterprises has increased by a third – something that can be evidenced from changes to our own customer base. 

Many OMB’s (and SME’s) are now at the level where growth can only be achieved by undertaking a MoSCoW analysis and them recruiting human resource or outsourcing part of the workload.  

This quandary is more acute post pandemic, as few economists can agree if current market conditions will continue, therefore for many companies, Momentum offers the perfect balance of outsourced services. 

Our own Operations Director, Heather Davies, has overseen every single business relationship over the years and is an expert in both Operational and Sales Management. Engaging with Momentum gives your company access to Heather as well as our wider team, therefore we help you develop a strategy and help implement it too. 

There are few business scenarios which we’ve either not experienced or are out of our reach, so before you take the next steps; why not run your ideas past us first? We can even help with MoSCoW! 

How do we get going? 

If you think you know what you need, give us a call to chat it through. We can get going straight away. Call us now on: 02476 662 004 

We can’t wait to help your business move forward with Momentum. Get in touch soon with one of our team, or schedule a Discovery Meeting with Heather, our Operations Director now: discovery@momentumpartnership.com 

Understanding our place in business life