Your Logo : The Face, Unique Identify And Trust Mark Of Your Business.

In a month that’s seen the Co-op return to its clover-leaf logo from 1968, we’ve decided to write a short blog about the significance of your corporate logo in engaging your target audience.

A logo sets the tone for your business, and creates a lasting impression about who you are and what you stand for.

Your logo is central to the branding of your company, and whilst b2b companies don’t spend as much time in the lime light as consumer facing company, branding, and your logo, is still an incredibly important part of any company.

The new co-op logo

Co-op already had a “trust mark, a passion brand, a timeless classic” in the form of its original clover-leaf logo.

In more recent years, the Co-op has struggled to define itself as the very thing it was originally founded as: a consumer cooperative where members can benefit from a share of the company’s profits and have involvement in strategic concerns.

When put to the test in research groups, in older generations the clover-leaf logo evokes nostalgic memories, whilst to younger generations it suggests a modern brand of the future, ready for the digital world.

So why try and come up with something different? An inspired solution.

When it comes to your company’s logo, ask yourself:

  • Is my logo distinctive?
  • Is my logo memorable?
  • Is my logo versatile enough to be used across a variety of different media (both print and digital)?
  • Is my logo timeless (not trend-dependent)?

If you answer is ‘no’ to any of the above questions, perhaps it is time to have a re-think. Your logo is a valuable asset to your corporate branding and company as a whole. Maximise its potential to support your sales and marketing strategy!

Your Logo : The Face, Unique Identify And Trust Mark Of Your Business.