Are you sending messages in a bottle?


Are You Sending Messages In A Bottle?

When planning your sales and marketing strategy how effective are the tools you are using?

Imagine living on a small island and running a successful business. You know there is a demand for your products / services on other islands and mainland. Without a strategy & effective marketing tools, the only way you can contact prospects is through messages in a bottle. They keep reaching the prospects but you never know if there is any interest in what you offer.

Lost in translating email marketing statistics and what’s next?

It’s the same for email marketing. Email marketing is one of the low cost effective marketing tools. You can send hundreds and thousands of emails to your potential prospects at a very low cost. Today’s email marketing market is very saturated, with more and more companies offering deeper insights in email statistics and new engagement tools. However, what they cannot offer is this personal touch of a follow-up call. So what if you know your detailed email analytics? If you do not action on this, then you are no closer to converting the new prospect than this small island business owner sending messages in a bottle.

What do Momentum Partnership do to help?

Here, at Momentum Partnership, we combine the email marketing and B2B telemarketing to support each other and make sure that every outcome from your email campaign in followed up. We manage the whole process from choosing the right data for each email and creating your email content to sending and managing email responses. What makes us different is we work towards converting your email clicks into leads. Contact us today to book your appointment and see how we can enhance your sales growth!

Are you sending messages in a bottle?