ISO 9001: The Must Have Certification For Service Providers

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From cleaning companies, to recruitment agencies, to law firms, ISO 9001 is becoming a must have certification for service providers.

Traditionally used by manufacturing and production-based industries more and more service providers are turning their attention to Quality Management Systems and how obtaining the ISO 9001 certification could benefit their business by improving the way it performs from an operational, sales and financial perspective.

Any company can talk about their brilliant services and products but without any certified proof, customers and potential customers, cannot be sure of quality. However, armed with the internationally recognised ISO9001 standard, you have a stamp of approval that promotes a well-run business and cements your status within the marketplace as a consistent and reliable company.

Who is eligible?

Companies of any size can be eligible for an ISO 9001 certification. The standard aims to analyse and streamline internal processes, to help reduce errors which can be costly to a business, as well as improving organisation, efficiency, productivity and work rate. This in turn will help companies to retain current clients and increase opportunities to win future business.

It demonstrates that you are committed to providing a high level of service through effective working practices and transparent documentation.

Summary of the ISO 9001 benefits:

  • Ensuring you remain compliant with your customers’ requirements
  • qualify for new tender opportunities
  • Maintaining an efficient service/product
  • Providing a service/quality that is of the highest quality
  • Providing a service/quality that is continually improving, adopting the best practices for your customers
  • ISO 9001 encourages a one team approach, ensuring that staff across the business are committed to maintaining the quality standard

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ISO 9001: The Must Have Certification For Service Providers