I Email Marketing Still Relevant?


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E-mail. It's by no means a new phenomenon. In fact, according to a recent global study, we send around 281 billion e-mails per day.

Unsurprisingly, e-mail marketing has established itself as one of the best ranked platforms for mass marketing. Since the recent introduction of GDPR legislation, there has been a misconception that businesses are no longer able to contact prospects using this channel.

We are here to confirm that this is certainly not the case, as long as you comply with a number of regulations.

To ensure you operate within the GDPR legislation, you must have a valid lawful basis in order to process personal data. One of six, to be precise and we can support you with this.

“The essence of effective marketing is to have the right message, to the right person at the right time.”

E-mail marketing can successfully facilitate this.

With the right platforms that enable campaign monitoring and enable to gain insights into; who has interacted with your campaign? What time are they doing so? How are they doing so – mobile or desktop? What product/service are they interested in? These insights allow you to follow up with those engaging with your communications. By following up you can tailor your communications to that person, or segment, to suit there preferences.

A huge challenge marketeers face is the saturation of inboxes with other marketing messages. These regular insights into engagement improve your interaction rates. This is because you can subtly get to know your audience and their information consumption habits.

The core benefit of e-mail marketing is ability to share your message to a huge volume of recipients, for a minimal cost. Especially when you compare the amount you would have to spend to achieve the same number of ‘eyes on the prize’ using another communication platform.

Which shouldn’t change your activity very much as why would you be targeting an audience who doesn’t require what you do!? Here at Momentum, we can take care of this for you. (For more information on compliance with GDPR please click here).

“In answer to our original question, yes by all means E-mail is still a very relevant and viable channel for marketing communications.”

Momentum offer multi-channel marketing solutions and work with our clients to build a strategy around their individual objectives. We have the time and resources to ensure our communications are analysed, followed up, and reported to achieve continual improvements. We work with your business, specialising in the behind the scenes ‘legwork’ to provide you with genuine leads. This therefore enables your sales team to do what they do best. Sell to pre-screened prospects with an identified need!

Read more on our range of communication services. Also talk to our team today to discuss our solutions for your Sales Growth aspirations.

View our prior blogpost on GDPR regulations to find out more how we lawfully handle personal data, using the six legal bases of data processing.

I Email Marketing Still Relevant?

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