Is the quality of your data keeping you awake at night?

Is The Quality of Your Data Keeping You Awake at Night?

By now, most businesses are aware how important it is to have a secure database housing all customers, both dormant and prospect. 

Many businesses now also know that the format of their databases is very important. Long gone are the days when a simple spreadsheet would suffice. 

The benefits of investing time in your CRM. 

In reality, it is a completely different picture. A database set up a year ago, with all information filled, ideally, by one person, today could have updates made by different employees, some account managers filling information in more diligently than others. The quality of the data will have decreased. This is because business data decays over time. Heather Davies, our Operations Manager, always says that one’s data is only good on the day it was called. Benefit of an online CRM in it’s sharing ability 

So why it is important to have a good quality data in a managed format?

There is hardly any point in communicating with data, if it doesn’t contain correct contacts and details. Moreover, your sales team might feel incentivised to keep your CRM up to date, if it produces sales results. Once data is entered it belongs to a company. So if it’s not on CRM but on a spreadsheet (or another format), it belongs to them and when they’re gone, the contacts are gone with them.

Risk of GDPR breach using excel, employees taking contacts with them and data with old contacts details – essentially sabotaging the effectiveness of your communications and ruining your statistics – true reflection of email campaign for example. 

Managing good quality data speeds up prospect profiling. Recording every activity for each account, all updates and ensuring all details are kept fresh, enables a company to build their database of prospects and start using the data for their sales and marketing activities and thus building their sales pipeline.

Do you think your data is good?

Poor quality data is the wrong data – and the wrong data will lead you to the wrong people, waste your time and create more work for you.

See below common mistakes that may make others question the quality of your data:

  • Incomplete data – Missing fields
  • Errors in data – Incorrect and misspelt contact data
  • Data incorrectly formatted – Data being put into the incorrect columns.
  • Old data – Out of date entries
Does thinking about this give you a headache?

Managing a database and ensuring the data stays fresh, clean and up to date can bring a headache. If you feel you don’t have the time and want your team to be focused elsewhere, let us help you with your database!

How we can help you!

Here, at Momentum Partnership, our bespoke CRM database is built to support sales growth for businesses. We constantly manage, enhance, update, and cleanse data on a daily basis. We can support businesses with the:

Customer data is at the heart of our partnership. We can work on short data-based projects or build a long-term partnerships with our partners to ensure we work together to achieve your goals, thanks to our bespoke CRM system, available to you.
For more about what we can work together and how we can enhance your operations, please contact us directly.

Is the quality of your data keeping you awake at night?