‘Word of mouth’ in the digital era


Do you rely on Word of Mouth when changing supplier?

Do you ask someone reliable for their recommendation? – and if that does not give you results what’s next? Do you google and start your research?

Word of mouth still plays an important part when changing supplier for B2B businesses. In fact, 91% of B2B sector buyers said that word of mouth is important to them! [USM]

Everyone knows that a dissatisfied customer is ten times more likely to speak out about their bad treatment than a satisfied customer.

So how can a business make sure their happy customers are heard too?

In this digital era, your website is your shop window. You should be showcasing your best attributes there, including recommendations! How? Testimonials and case studies! These can provide a valuable insight into how your business works. They will showcase your problem solving abilities and provide a relevant opinion straight from the horse’s mouth!

How can Momentum help you?

We know ‘Word of Mouth’ is very important but we also know this should not be used as the only marketing tool (find out why here). Our mix of sales and marketing tools will help your organisation to grow your business, while improving your online presence. We can even get those testimonials and write case studies for you. Contact us to book an appointment and see how we can improve your sales & marketing!

‘Word of mouth’ in the digital era