How Important Is Hearing A Human Voice

How important is hearing a human voice?
Momentum’s Telemarketing services balance human interaction with system automation to deliver great results!

Successful telemarketing is a fine balance of research and prospect qualification, in short – asking the right question, to the right contact at exactly the right time. 

Successful telemarketing is a fine balance of research and prospect qualification, in short – asking the right question, to the right contact at exactly the right time. 

When you’ve worked in sales for as long as us, we all know that lucky moment when a salesperson has an incredibly lucky day, but our proven telemarketing strategy helps to stack the deck in our partners’ favour, more often.  

If you need to generate leads and win new business, now is the time to instruct Momentum to initiate contact and identify sales opportunities on your behalf.  

What can my company expect from a Momentum Telemarketing campaign? 

  • We’ll professionally represent your brand and deliver agreed sales and marketing messages in direct conversations with your prospects. 
  • We will gather market intelligence on buying behaviour, current suppliers and market potential by asking appropriate questions to the right audience. 
  • We will cleanse and update data into Momentum’s CRM platform on a real-time basis to ensure sales teams have timely access to accurate prospect information. 

Importantly, we’ll go the extra mile to furnish your sales teams with accurate data about your prospects – and not just a name. Depending on your requirements, our approach will flex to research the size, shape, propensity to buy and the elimination of those contacts who are unlikely to purchase your product or service.

Data presentation and management – Momentum CRM 

One of the marked changes in the last few years is that many businesses now use CRM platforms to ensure their data is managed compliantly and in real-time. If you have already invested in a platform, we can work within its requirements and securely transfer data seamlessly to your in-house system. 

If you are yet to establish a CRM software solution, that’s no problem. Our own CRM platform has been developed over the last decade to provide data visibility for each of our partners and provides everything your sales team needs to put accurate data at the heart of everything. 

Is Telemarketing just a telesales operation? 

No: far from it. Momentum are the experts in providing data which helps sales teams convert. Your company are the experts in your field, therefore will be across the detail far more than we could ever achieve. 

By agreeing on a brief, we’ll establish what responses you need to develop your sales, and we’ll create a strategy to achieve results.  

It’s useful to remember that Telemarketing does not just ascertain a name and optimal contact, it can help identify: 

  • Contract renewal dates to help identify when companies are ready to churn or looking to sign up to new services. 
  • When local authorities or government bodies are looking to advertise for tenders for services. 
  • The minutiae behind the data, i.e. how many users utilise a service, which helps your business identify the ‘size of the prize.’ 
  • Whether your prospect outsources their purchasing or service provision in full, or in part. 
  • The scale of the prospect and type of expertise required when quoting for work. 

Why is our team the right team to deliver great Telemarketing campaigns? 

Momentum are experts in maximising key success criteria when developing a telemarketing campaign, which includes dedicating a member of our West Midlands team to your company. This will ensure that your contact understands the complete brief, undertakes appropriate due diligence, and can spot immediate needs for onward cascade to you or your sales teams.  

Each of our telemarketing team has years of experience in deriving the best results from your data and is trained to interpret findings to continually improve data quality performance for future campaigns. Each of our Telemarketing Executives will work professionally and unobtrusively with all target companies on your database and will represent your brand values in full. 

Will you be our next partner? 

With your sales teams set to be busy in the recovery period, why burden them with administrative tasks or prospecting calls? Outsourcing to Momentum can do this in the background, diligently building rapport, generating a consistent flow of genuine leads? 

If you’re ready for a new sales partner, call us straight away: 02476 662 004 or email us here

How Important Is Hearing A Human Voice