Dodge The Summer Holiday Sales Hangover

What can you be doing to get through the holiday period… other than take one yourself!

When working in sales, the 6 week summer holiday period is a frustrating, yet unavoidable time.

Decision makers are on holiday, or if they’re not, they are too busy covering colleague holidays and they don’t have time for sales people!

Whilst a dip in sales may be inevitable during the holiday period, the worst thing you can do is allow the lull in momentum to drag into late September and even October. If you do, your sales figures by Christmas time will not be a pretty sight.

Therefore, it is important to have clear strategy in mind to ensure you come out the other side with a positive mind-set and raring to go.

Top Tip: Know your sales pipeline

Understand who was fobbing you off with the convenient “call me back after the holiday period” excuse and who genuinely meant, “call me back after the holiday period”.

Now is the time to assess the interest levels and sales potential of each prospect and prioritise your call backs, using your CRM platform as a diary to schedule your calls.

Don’t waste valuable time chasing the fob offs. If they are not interested, remove them from your sales pipeline and move on.

Remain consistent with your email marketing communication, and think hard about your value proposition. Is there any news or offers you can add in that will grab attention?

Give yourself a more realistic picture of your sales potential and the prospects you are confident you can nurture through the pipeline to convert.

The end of the holiday period is time to get focussed in order to make positive progress and fight off that motivation lull.

Dodge The Summer Holiday Sales Hangover