Ultra Fast Hosting

Give your website lightning-fast page load times and deliver seamless browsing experiences that keep your website visitors on your site for longer. 

  • Faster, more responsive WordPress sites 
  • Page loading times of under 100 milliseconds 

Our Platform makes WordPress sites load faster by automating several processes each time they’re accessed. 

When a WordPress website has to run the PHP code, SQL queries, and any relevant APIs, this happens quickly – but even a second is a long time in the context of webpage loading. 

This data doesn’t tend to change very often, so there’s no need to keep repeating all that work. Our System automatically stores the output of this code as a static page, and it can access this page in a fraction of the usual time – typically less than 100 milliseconds. 

When you combine this with our advanced CDN and WebP image compression, site visitors enjoy faster page load times and a smoother user experience. 

Why Change to us? 

Seamless WordPress integration. 

Speed up all your sites without any coding. 

Reduce TTFB by up to 70%. 

See your standard WordPress Time to First Byte (TTFB) times slashed thanks to a killer combination , plus content delivery network (CDN) and WebP functionality. 

Turbocharged caching. 

Webpages typically load in under 100 milliseconds, thanks to the storage of both static and dynamic content, reducing your server load. 

Advanced content delivery network. 

Our CDN offloads static files such as images, JavaScript, and CSS, storing them closer to the user. The result? They download in a flash. 

Better for the planet. 

We help protect the environment by reducing the amount of server processing required, consuming less energy than standard websites. 

Smaller image files, same quality. 

Compress image files by up to 30% compared to JPEG and PNG, while preserving the image quality, thanks to WebP image transformation technology. 

What else can we do for you? 

Faster content purging. 

Stale content can be purged from the cache worldwide in just 150 milliseconds. 

The simpler alternative to Cloudflare. 

Supreme caching without the setup hassle. Compatible with all major plugins. 

Website preview URL. 

Show your new website designs to your clients before making them live without the need to update DNS or local host files. 

Ultra Fast Hosting

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