Can a corporate presentation make an impact?


Corporate presentation

“A corporate presentation introduces the company to your prospects and clients and provides more information about your history, values and mission. If you have a pro-active marketing strategy –  a corporate presentation is a must.”


– During the events – it’s a leave behind marketing collateral that makes an impact. Not only will your prospect or customer have your logo & branding to take away, but also the presentation provides valuable information about your company. Unlike branded merchandise, which is fun and definitely has its own place in your marketing/ branding strategy, it is a tangible document buyers or directors can share between each other.
– Putting the effort in – A corporate presentation shows that more effort has been made to gain your prospect’s attention. It is more personal.
– Specific information –  Rather than providing a link to a website, your prospects have a corporate presentation collated for the purpose of informing specific potential clients about your capabilities. Every website is different; sometimes they can be overflowing with information that is not of interest to your prospects and they might lose interest before they find the pages that are relevant to them.

When should you use a corporate presentation?

Should you make your presentation available online? Should you keep it in print format only?
Many bigger companies will have their official corporate presentation downloadable from their website. They will, additionally, have specific presentation for customers, prospects and third parties, which would be updated to fit the purpose. They also publish their financial statements.

Should you follow the same route?

Our advice is: don’t play all your cards at once!
Big corporations have in-house resources that might be beyond the reach of SMEs. That is why it is important to plan your moves strategically and drip the information depending where in your sales pipeline a company is.
For example, if you are only starting to communicate with a company via an email campaign, website information is perfectly fine. If they’re interested in obtaining more, they will get in touch and ask for more. This would be the best time to provide them with your corporate presentation (printed or digital). The person is already more invested in talking to you. It will allow you to follow up next time and receive feedback and see if this relationship has got a potential to progress.

What’s your opinion on corporate presentations? Is it a must for all companies?

If you need help with creating your corporate presentation or, in fact, building your sales pipeline through demand generation, talk to us! We’re experts in getting through to the right person and building relationships with your prospects.

Can a corporate presentation make an impact?

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