Full Website protection on our Hosting Platform. 

Full Website protection on our Hosting Platform. 

Guard against 99% of harmful viruses and cyber attacks. 

Fully managed WordPress hosting that makes your world work better. Based right here in the UK. 

With our range of advanced security features, you can rest assured your server and site is shielded against 99% of harmful viruses and cyber attacks. Our website shield is ideal for a broad range of websites – those with high traffic and sensitive data, sites that are vulnerable to attack, and e-commerce sites. 

Protect your websites from cyber attacks, reputational damage, loss of earnings and customer data loss 

Backed by a self-learning global defence network, Our shield will keep your clients’ websites safe and secure, no matter what the internet’s dark forces throw at them. 

  • ultimate peace of mind 
  • Automatically detects and blocks potential threats 

How does Our Hosting Shield work? 

Our multi-layered security solution combats cyber attacks at any threat level. We automatically detect and block potential threats before they harm your website and server. 

It uses cutting-edge tools, machine learning technology, and a powerful global defence network to build a virtual fortress around your servers and websites. 

Advanced protection features. 

Malware detection. 

Protect your server and site against various types of malware. Malware detection quarantines files upon upload to stop them from infecting your systems, then the attacker’s IP address is greylisted. 

Automated IP blocking. 

Reclaim the time you’d spend identifying and blocking traffic from known malicious IP addresses – Our platform automatically does this for you, cutting network congestion in the process. 

Web Application Firewall (WAF). 

Shield your CMS or hosted web applications from unauthorised access with our platforms powerful WAF. It uses NGINX as a reverse proxy to filter incoming traffic and catch SQL injections, XSS, file injection attacks, and more. 

Port and web honeypots. 

We use honeypot ports to lure in hackers and protect against attacks. These ports expose malicious IPs and block future attacks by greylisting them. Honeypots constantly monitor and analyse attacker behaviour, gather intelligence, and stop potential threats 

And that’s not all… 

Let us check your sites and clean them up. Once our software is installed, we scan your websites thoroughly to check for any malicious code, viruses, or malware that may have previously been injected into your sites. When the scan is complete, we run a full website clean-up to remove any identified infections or backdoors. 

Global defence network. 

The global defence network protects more than 25,000 servers and five million websites worldwide, repelling more than 10 million attacks daily.  This super-strong defence shield becomes even stronger after every attack.  

Full Website protection on our Hosting Platform. 

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