Account Profiling – 2021 Update

Account Profiling

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With many companies in the West Midlands supplying and selling complex goods and services into a diverse and international marketplace, identifying the right person at the right time is essential. Maintaining target data is incredibly time consuming and laborious if it’s not part of an internal process, managed as part of a standalone role or incentivised or monitored aggressively. 

With an estimated third of contact points being rendered inaccurate by the pandemic, now is the time to look at Momentum’s Profile Mapping service.

What Is Profile Mapping?

If you have checked out our website pages, you will already know that our services use a combination of human interaction with online research which fuse together to deliver clean data on our bespoke CRM platform. But sometimes, you need to go a little deeper and little further.

In a complex organisation, there is usually a hierarchy of decision making. This being said, even relatively junior employees have a voice – especially if these roles are difficult to recruit or require specialist knowledge.  

For Example, Let’s Look At Influence In A Medium Sized Financial Services Organisation. Imagine Selling A Compliance System To This Imaginary Company! Where Would You Start? How Would You Target Those Embedded Within A Hierarchical Structure?

CEO – Influencer but may not take ultimate decision
Compliance Director – Pays the bills. Key influencer
Head of Compliance or CCO – Decision maker. Career defining moment
Head of Risk – Key influencer. Reputation defining moment
Manager – Compliance: Influencer. Sees important of happy team to productivity. Ambitious but time poor
Team leader – Compliance: Ambitious. Influence’s manager to make change. A happy team = happy life
Analyst – Compliance, Uses system. Happy if all working ok, may quit if not.

By understanding the company structure and challenges for each target, your company can alter style and approach methodology to best suit the recipient and improve the chances of making a sale. In-depth profiling also provides a clear taxonomy of discrete structures inside an organisation. When this level of insight is captured by stratified CRM, your company can identify even minor amendments to tone, style and approach which can make all the difference to results.  

This Isn’t Just About Contacts

Powerful CRM is all important for individual contact points, but it can also influence mainstream marketing campaigns including email, digital, social, traditional, or even PR and Trade Marketing.

A honed data profile will take time to construct, but in the longer term will save time and money. It will also ensure your organisation is processing and handling data correctly and in accordance with GDPR and other legislation.

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