Account Profiling

Account Profiling

Tell us who you want to target and Momentum will identify your ideal customer so you can create a relevant and targeted marketing message. Our team has years of experience with account profiling for a wide range of businesses

With many companies in the West Midlands supplying and selling complex goods and services into a diverse and international marketplace, identifying the right person at the right time is essential. Maintaining target data is incredibly time-consuming and laborious if it’s not part of an internal process, managed as part of a standalone role or incentivised or monitored aggressively. This is where the importance of a reliable account profiling service comes into play.

With an estimated third of contact points being rendered inaccurate by the pandemic, our specialist account profiling team, here at Momentum, are ready to step in and make sure that you reach the right people within any organisation using our dedicated profile mapping service.

How our profile mapping service can help you

For those outside an organisation or unfamiliar with company structures, understanding who makes decisions within a firm is almost impossible. In modern, flat structures with many remote employees, identification of personnel involved in purchasing decisions takes a level of patience and perseverance. Using profile mapping techniques, we help you:

Identify the right contacts in every organisation

Our expert team has a wealth of knowledge in the field of account profiling which enables us to identify prospects within even the most complex of structures. Working together, we are also able to leverage data, contacts and influencers in previously contacted organisations, whilst maintaining professional discretion at all times.

Make sense of your data

Powerful CRM is all-important for individual contact points, but it can also influence mainstream marketing campaigns including email, digital, social, traditional, or even PR and Trade Marketing.  A honed data profile will take time to construct, but in the longer term will save time and money.

Ensuring GDPR compliance

In today’s day and age, when privacy is more valued than ever before, we can give you peace of mind by making sure that your organisation is processing and handling sensitive data correctly in accordance with GDPR and any other relevant legislation.

Why choose Momentum as your account profiling expert?

Account profiling can be an invaluable tool in your sales and marketing strategy and we have an entire team of industry experts dedicated to using innovative targeting techniques to help you streamline your processes and fine-tune your outreach strategy. 

By choosing Momentum as your partner, you will benefit from:

Industry expertise  

With more than 20 years of experience in account profiling, we know how to draw smart insight into your potential target audience and we can give you the information you need to make your business strategy more effective. 

Flexible approach 

We listen to you and we put your business needs first. You can always contact our experts to talk about your pain points and if anything in your business plan changes, we can adapt our service offering to deliver data tailored to your new goals and objectives. 

Continuous growth  

We know that growing and moving forward is the only way to be successful in any industry. We help you do that by giving you the power to make informed decisions based on data. We are also committed to growing our expertise and we constantly seek new learning opportunities, so we can deliver market-leading account profiling quality. 

Partnership & Trust

We view any business we work with as a partner and we are invested in building long-lasting professional relationships based on trust. As your partners, we are motivated to see your company succeed and perform better than ever.

How does profile mapping work?

If you have checked out our website pages, you will already know that our services use a combination of human interaction with online research which fuse to deliver clean data on our bespoke CRM platform. But sometimes, you need to go a little deeper and a little further to fully understand the inner workings of a business and find out who the best person to reach out to is. This is where profile mapping comes in. 

In a complex organisation, there is usually a hierarchy of decision making. This being said, even relatively junior employees have a voice – especially if these roles are difficult to recruit or require specialist knowledge.  

For Example, Let’s Look At Influence In A Medium Sized Financial Services Organisation. Imagine Selling A Compliance System To This Imaginary Company! Where Would You Start? How Would You Target Those Embedded Within A Hierarchical Structure?

How does profile mapping work?

By understanding the company structure and challenges for each target, your company can alter the style and approach methodology to best suit the recipient and improve the chances of making a sale. In-depth profiling also provides a clear taxonomy of discrete structures inside an organisation. When this level of insight is captured by stratified CRM, your company can identify even minor amendments to tone, style and approach which can make all the difference to results.  

Got a question about our Account Profiling service? Get moving with Momentum now

Our highly collaborative team have worked together on a varied project portfolio for many years and with over twenty years’ experience, our Operations Director is always available to get moving on your requirements.

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