Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Customer retention is vital to the long term sustainability of any business. But keeping customers satisfied in the long term is often one of the biggest hurdles.

So how do you ensure you are actively fulfilling your customers needs? The first step is to ask them!

Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys are easy to navigate and are conducted by a team of professionals. As a result they get a great response rate. Providing you with invaluable feedback from customers and employees to support business improvement and simultaneously enhance your testimonials portfolio. Hence, supporting you with the conversion of new customers.

We predominantly conduct surveys over the phone, but as they are online based, we can also email your desired recipients with a direct link. Surveys can be branded to suit your business aesthetic and the question/question format can be adapted to suit your preferences.

Momentum currently work with a variety of partners who use our Customer Satisfaction Surveys to lead their strategy for sales growth.
Partners also often use the feedback to support their Quality Accreditation and employee appraisals.


Customer feedback. It's somewhat of a catch 22.

Often the only time a customer will provide feedback, is in the event they have had a negative experience. Which is useful, but is it representative?

By proactively inviting customers to give their views, you can easily establish what they value most from working with you, as well as where they would recommend development. Giving a more rounded picture of your current position and your route to improvement.

Outsourcing to Momentum, we find customers are more inclined to give specific employee feedback - as they aren't liaising with a familiar team member.



Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

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Do I get to choose my own questions?

Yes. Momentum Partnership create surveys to fit your individual requirements. Our Marketing team can also support you with devising questions to provide the most representative, clear results.

Is there a limit to the amount of people you can survey?

No. The volume of recipients is entirely up to you. However, the associated costs will increase with this volume.

How many times do you contact each customer?

We find our 'three strike rule' most effective, whereby we attempt to call a customer on three occasions. In the event we cannot get hold of them in this period, we would then look to send them an email enclosing the survey.

How often do you recommend we survey our customers?

Our usual recommendation would be to survey customers twice per year. In this way, you can account for any changes in their preferences and needs, without becoming bothersome.