Surveys – 2021 Update

Satisfaction Surveys

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Satisfaction Surveys and The Establishing A Feedback Loop

Satisfaction surveys are an essential tool in gathering information on customer satisfaction and insight. Voice of the Customer is the most practical assessment of your customer service and how your approach represents your brand. 

Intelligently designed surveys which are designed to prompt responses either over the phone and / or on online platforms can secure a wide range of empirical information including brand loyalty, market trends and service performance. By extracting and collating responses, Momentum can provide raw data or create hypotheses to allow your company to make well informed strategic decisions. 

As we move into a phase of recovery where hybrid working will be commonplace, understanding the impact on customer experience, net promoter and advocacy scores will be even more important.

These surveys are created around a script of questioning which evolves from previous responses. It’s personal, human and a highly effective way of learning more about your customers, your membership or a wider business environment.

You Ask, You Respond

According to the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), a main source of frustration in B2B and B2C sectors is when survey recipients take the time to respond intelligently, but responses aren’t acted upon either individually or en-masse. 

Of course, responses can be incentivised (using a competition or prize draw for example) but more valuable feedback is often gleaned from those who really want you to know what they think. They are also more likely to be advocates if you are seen to act on their feedback. 

Momentum’s surveys provide the perfect platform to validate service improvements, test the market for new products or services or gain competitive advantage by being more approachable than the competition.  

When surveys form part of a marketing campaign, they complete the marketing cycle and offer a personalised feedback loop. Where appropriate, these results can be inputted into our CRM platform which helps identify clients with an active need and grow your sales pipeline. 

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