Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Investing part of your budget in Data Cleansing significantly increases your conversion rates and your ROI!

We’ve all been focused on hygiene over the past year, but whilst we’ve been singing ‘happy birthday’ when washing our hands, your data has become increasingly contaminated, with up to a fifth of data now being outdated, inaccurate or even non-compliant. Our data cleansing services are designed to solve this problem by removing wrong or out-of-date information and replacing it with the current details of your contacts. By partnering up with Momentum, you save time and money that you’d otherwise wasted chasing bad leads. 

The Quality of Data in your company directly affects

Sales Outcomes

Pipeline Quality

IP Value

Employee Morale


What’s included in our Data Cleansing Services

We know that there’s a lot going on in the business world right now, and over the next few years, all our efforts are rightly focused on recovery from the pandemic and developing your sales potential. With these priorities in mind, an investment in Momentum’s data cleansing services will pay huge dividends, and by outsourcing the process, it’s something that we can be working on straight away whilst you are focused elsewhere. Here’s how we improve your data hygiene!

  • Deduplication: We audit your entire database to find duplicate entries and remove them as part of the data cleansing process
  • Correcting wrong data: New name, job title or contact details? We identify the discrepancies and amends them so you have the most up-to-date information to work with
  • Filling essential gaps: If you are missing any essential B2B data our team will take the time to fill the gaps and complete your existing records
  • Updating business structure data: Companies have undergone an unprecedented amount of change recently. We can help you navigate it all by tracking changes in company structures, finding the new responsible people and their contact details

Benefits of using Momentum’s Data Cleansing services

Time-consuming and laborious, good data cleansing requires a stoic focus on attention to detail and an understanding of methodologies to gain the best data. Understanding your data points, especially when combined with a good CRM system will not only improve internal processes and morale, but your contacts will appreciate your preparation too. Let’s find out how Momentum can save you time and money by improving your data!

Manage your time & resources more efficiently

Out of date data leads to hours of billable time being wasted on calling people who are no longer there because they’ve moved houses, changed jobs or passed away. Data cleansing helps you manage your resources more efficiently, achieve better response rates and get better ROI.   

Inform your future business decisions 

Understanding your data provides an accurate prediction of future performance. With complete knowledge of contacts and their position within the decision-making process and buying journey, this allows intelligent approaches by your sales and marketing teams at the best possible time. Not only will this help with your sales pipeline but can also help with business forecasting and capacity management.

Improve employee satisfaction & productivity

Constantly getting through to the wrong people and being turned down can be a tiring and stressful experience for your staff.  Our database cleansing solutions prevent that and allow your sales team to become more productive, get higher conversion rates, make more sales and feel happier too.

Protect your brand name  

Relying on the wrong data can turn your business calls into nuisance calls and that’s not a healthy brand image. Do not be seen as a pest by contacting and distracting incorrect contacts in your lists, let Momentum do the research and identify the right person at the right time in your selling (and their buying) cycle. 

The methodology behind Data Cleansing Solution

We have developed a methodology which underpins all our data cleansing work. Called VACUUM, this methodology encapsulates everything we do to establish good data hygiene for all our partners.

Validation – Data fits within rules or constraints as defined either by our partner, our CRM platform or a regulatory body. 

Accuracy – Data is checked for accuracy and de-duplicated prior to uploading into CRM. This may take inputs from myriad external databases or sources.  

Completeness Gaps in data are identified, as are errors in initial data sources. A combination of telemarketing, external research and contact tracing is undertaken to complete the gaps and create accurate data.

Uniqueness – Our partner’s data is completely unique to them. It is held and processed securely and will never be divulged to or used by a third party outside of Momentum unless expressly agreed as part of our contract. Having this unique data set allows Momentum to offer data which is built and maintained to your exact specification.

Uniformity – This method is particularly useful when working with companies who rely upon weights and measures or trade across borders and in different currencies. We will ensure that the data captured is sufficiently broad to capture all fields required to deliver to your requirements.

Mobility – Our data is securely maintained in the UK and overseen by a member of our in-house team from any location. All data compliantly processed by Momentum is securely warehoused in accordance with GDPR, with access to our CRM platform available on most devices. 

vacuum methodology for data cleansing service used by momentum

Get some Momentum in your Data!

Our West Midlands based team are experts in data cleansing. Why bog your teams down in the mire of data cleansing when our teams can do it more quickly and more accurately than in almost any shared role? We treat your data as if it were our own, and we pride ourselves on an embedded culture of compliance when dealing with your data, so you can rely on us to protect one of your most reliable virtual assets. 

Our data cleansing services are completely adaptive to what you provide, but usually will involve a process of de-duplication, correcting corrupt records, amending role changes or ‘gone-aways’ and filling essential gaps. Once completed, we validate and format the data in the agreed style or can integrate everything into our own bespoke CRM platform for integration into your company.  

If you’re ready to get moving, our straightforward approach can be tailored for your needs quickly and efficiently. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004