Data Building & Cleansing


Need to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Effective data management is critical to any lead generation activity. Contacting dead or poor data will result in a waste of both time and money.

Clean data will increase sales. And with it, comes efficiency, a newfound sense of confidence, and a new, improved morale for sales teams, too.

It’s a time-consuming task, but data building and cleansing is absolutely vital. Competitive targeted marketing requires an accurate and well-profiled database to ensure the success of any communication and campaign.

4 Good Reasons To Clean Your Data


Sales teams can reliably contact accurate data, speak to the right people as no-one is forgotten or missed first time.

Improve Responses

By ensuring your data is cleansed, you can expect an improvement in your response rates and increase your ROI.

Your Reputation

Protect your brand. Applying data quality best practice will help to protect your organisation from brand and reputational damage.


Avoiding penalties by complying with GDPR requires companies to maintain clean data.

Interested In A Data Detox?

Momentum are dedicated and ready to help you with the time-consuming process of Data Building and Cleansing, to ensure that you achieve the best possible ROI. As a sales and marketing agency who has a genuine interest in supporting your business to grow, we will ensure that this data is kept clean regularly.


Status – Companies House
Company Name
Telephone Numbers and CTPS Registered Numbers
Company Registration
Industry Sector (SIC Code and Group)

£250 – per 200 records


Everything From Standard
We Pick Up The Phone To Identify:
Decision Makers Names
Email Address (On Average We Collect 65% of
Personal Email Addresses)
Each Record Is Attempted A Minimum Of 3
Times Where Appropriate, And That Is Included In The Price

£450 – per 200 records

What It Includes

  • Removing Duplicates – Identifying duplicates by company name and postcode. Reduces unnecessary activity
  • Data Cleansing – Detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records
  • Database Enhancement – Filling in missing information from fields and contacts
  • Data Validation – Ensuring data is organised and formatted to a high quality standard

Why Momentum

Our data building and cleansing service is carried out by a team of Midlands based skilled telemarketers. All data will be processed through our secure and bespoke CRM platform. Our CRM is GDPR compliant as well as being linked to:

  • Companies House – To check the status and company details
  • CTPS Register – Numbers registered to CTPS are highlighted
  • Royal Mail – Checks for postcodes, then allocates county and city automatically

Momentum also recognise our legal responsibility to ensure that data is kept secure at all steps in our process, as information security is an organisational culture and one that is deeply embedded in Momentum Partnership’s business.

Good Data Vs Bad Data

When it comes to creating and completing marketing campaigns, your data plays a key role in how effective that will be. Using a CRM platform often allows you to cleanse and enhance your data by identifying changes in contact details such as staff name, undeliverable email addresses and correct telephone numbers.

Investing part of your budget in data cleansing before your campaign is likely to improve your results and ROI. Not only will it bring in more revenue, it will also benefit your future campaigns as your database will be enhanced and ready for further communications with your prospects.