Email Marketing

Email Marketing

At Momentum, we do it all: from set up to creation, definition of audience data and follow up too – so you can focus on sales & conversions. Our Email Marketing Service takes care of everything for you

Nobody reads Emails anymore – Do they?

Yes, they do! In fact, a well-designed email campaign is one of the most targeted and underused marketing tools for B2B companies and is second only to telemarketing as a way to showcase goods and services. 

Today, more than two billion emails will be sent (not all will be received, but more on this later), and for your company, these emails not only drive brand visibility but provide an opportunity to deliver your products, services, and website links directly into your targeted database of email inboxes.

Email Marketing is highly effective in the B2B and B2C marketplace and we can help with both. Whether you’re researching, launching, or informing,  Momentum is a trusted email marketing agency that uses well-respected and fully GDPR compliant software designed to offer infinitely customisable outputs for all industry sectors.

We use an audience-focused approach to customise and target your campaign ensuring that the clicks you get from your email campaigns amount to a tangible ROI. Working in partnership with you, we draw on resources from our rich marketing portfolio to provide superior email marketing services tailored to your business goals and objectives.


The three principles of email success
– Send to the right person
– Send the right message
– Send at the right time

Functionality is everything

Instead of sending text-based emails with varying styles and ‘dumb’ links, our team can integrate logos, images, GIFS, short links and even video into your email campaign using bespoke HTML design. With careful construction by our team of campaign experts, we’ll ensure your email is delivered to the most appropriate audience, avoiding capture by judicious spam filters and firewalls.  

Our team will create individual email campaigns which get seen and prompt action or responses. With a full suite of analytics sitting behind each campaign, we’ll help you see who’s looking, who’s taking an action and where additional work is needed to further improve your data.

A Great Value Way To Start Conversations

Once the data is in the right format and in the right place (see our data cleansing page for the low-down!) an automated and targeted email campaign offers a great-value accompaniment to other below-the-line or inbound marketing campaigns.
Suitable to highlight services, asset launch campaigns or organisational change or even to prompt feedback, a well-produced email campaign can engage audiences more deeply than many other forms of marketing.

Customised List Segmentation with our CRM

Targeted email campaigns are only effective when combined with a clean and well-segmented database. Even if you spend time and money to create the perfect email, if you don’t send it to the right contacts, your email may not even be received at all because the people you are chasing have left the business or changed roles. This is why our email marketing management services are supported by our own, tailor-made CRM software.
By using Momentum CRM as a data warehouse, we can interpret huge amounts of data that are segmented and extracted into our proprietary mailer platform. Using our software, we can see which contacts are receiving, opening and engaging with the sent content and constantly refine all campaign attributes to create custom recipient lists and get even better ROI in the future.

Adopting Attribution Marketing

We adopt an attribution marketing model that oversees all your marketing activities, both interactive (for digital channels) and cross channel where traditional methods are deployed. By examining outputs from mailers, social media channels, website performance and other marketing metrics we can calculate the value of each client, as well as give a true assessment of your ROI per campaign, allowing for more effective budget planning for future activities.
With expertise in SEO and social media, the Momentum team can support and elevate your email marketing efforts to achieve optimal results.

Combine Email Marketing with Momentum’s Marketing portfolio

With decades working as an email marketing agency, at Momentum, we have developed our email marketing management services to feature all key elements of a winning campaign.

Tailor Content Designed to Drives Conversions

The best emails are those which provide ‘sticky’ content, deriving more interest and driving website visits. All research shows that well-constructed email campaigns help with brand recall and when professionally written can develop a dialogue with customers who share content by forwarding the email or by word of mouth. We structure our email campaigns around a highly effective call to action (CTA), leading to active engagement either by Momentum’s telemarketing team or your own sales functions. 

Social Media Integration & Brand Visibility 

Some of our Partners choose to support their email campaigns across social media, and on online forums. This helps deliver far more detailed content into a usually time-poor audience, which prompts click through and recall. In addition to that, we can help you grow your audience, improve your brand visibility and increase audience engagement by using great quality content strategically across all your social media channels. 

Personalisation & Smart Targeting 

For any email marketing campaign to be successful, it has to be designed to engage your audience. How do we make that happen? At Momentum, we are experts in account profiling and lead generation which means we have the skills, tools and experience to find the perfect contacts within a business so your emails reach the people who matter. With written content crafted to be relevant to the target audience and visuals designed and HTML-coded to stay true to your brand, it’s a recipe for success. 

Powerful CRM Tool to Organise Your Data 

Our in-house CRM system is integral to our email marketing management services. It provides a plethora of useful data which supports the quality of CRM and can help with decision making for future product launches, campaigns or investments. Using Momentum CRM’s segmentation and automation capabilities, our team can easily organise your marketing activities, ensuring that the right people get the right email at the right time.

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How to get started with our Email Marketing Service

At Momentum, we pay attention to your needs and we take the time to understand your goals to set out a roadmap for a meaningful partnership journey and deliver results that exceed your expectations. Here’s what you can expect from our approach: 

  • First, we have a chat to find out more about what you are currently doing, what you want to achieve and identify possible opportunities for email marketing wins
  • We then look into your campaigns in more detail to assess your performance against the industry averages and uncover ways to quickly improve the results you achieve
  • Based on everything we’ve learnt so far about you, your company and your market, we devise a bespoke email marketing strategy aligned with your goals and objectives and we implement it to get the best outcomes fast 

Interested in our email marketing management services? Making Momentum your email marketing agency partner is simple – just give us a call and book an initial consultation. Your email marketing journey begins here!

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