Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question about Momentum and how we work?


Can you supply data or do I have to supply?
We can cater to both options and we find a combination of both work well for our current partners. During the setup process, we ask you for a prospect profile of your ‘ideal customer’ so we can enhance your data with suitable prospects you may not have been aware of or simply did not have their updated contact information.
How many days of Telemarketing can I purchase?

The choice is yours, based on your aspirations and your budget. Days can be spread across the month or over in a single week, depending entirely on your preferences.

A sales pipeline and subsequent leads take time to build, so we would always emphasise giving priority to the duration of the partnership rather than allocating budget to several days of activity over a short period of time. We recommend a minimum of three days per month to ensure adequate coverage.

Will my prospects know communications are from you?

No. Working in partnership with you, we act as an extension to your sales team and converse with your prospect data seamlessly on your behalf – giving no mention to Momentum. We also provide a dedicated phone number to avoid any confusion between partners.

Email Marketing

How can you still email prospects following GDPR regulations?

We communicate with prospects under one of the six lawful reasons of communication – legitimate interest. By maintaining and regularly cleansing our bespoke CRM platform, we manage suppression lists and those prospects who have opted out of receiving information. As a result, we ensure we do not breach their rights to be forgotten.

How often can emails go out?

Essentially, we are happy to accommodate your preferences. We generally encourage a monthly campaign to provide a consistent stream of communication with your prospects. Without overloading them with information. However, we do appreciate in the lead up to certain events, a more intense email campaign may be required.

So what happens after people see the email?

This depends on your package. If you were to choose the basic email marketing package, we would collate the post-campaign engagement results and share with you in a timely manner. Alternatively, if you take up one of our multi-channel packages, our telemarketing team will contact those who engaged with your campaign. In doing so, we would aim to solidify their area of interest. Allowing us to provide further insights and continue to nurture them through the sales pipeline. You will be updated with our progress regularly through weekly and monthly reports.

Will our prospects know communications are from Momentum?

No. Working in partnership with you, we act as an extension to your sales team and prepare all communications as if they are coming directly from you. Thus giving no mention to Momentum. We can create a dedicated email domain or you can provide us with one.


Do I get to choose my own questions?

Yes. Momentum Partnership create surveys to fit your individual requirements. Our Marketing team can also support you with devising questions to provide the most representative, clear results.

How many times do you contact each customer?

We find our ‘three strike rule’ most effective, whereby we attempt to call a customer on three occasions. In the event we cannot get hold of them in this period, we would then look to send them an email enclosing the survey.

How often do you recommend we survey our customers?

Our usual recommendation would be to survey customers twice per year. In this way, you can account for any changes in their preferences and needs, without becoming bothersome.

Is there a limit to the amount of people you can survey?

No. The volume of recipients is entirely up to you. However, the associated costs will increase with this volume.

How do contracts work?

Momentum are flexible enough to offer rolling contracts, giving you the ability to cancel at any time. Instead of tying you down to contracts, Momentum aim to retain customers on the merits of our performance.

What do I need to get started?

If you already have Twitter & LinkedIn accounts, we need your account logins. Momentum also ask for a list of pre-approved industry news providers and access to your website. The more content that is provided to us, the better the outcome will be.

Website Maintenance

Can my website be used while Momentum work on it?

Yes. While we make updates, your website will still be available without any disruptions. Likewise, any major works are usually completed outside of business hours. In this way, we can keep any potential downtime to a minimum.

How will I know your activity on my website?

At Momentum, we understand the importance of return on investment. Hence, as part of our website maintenance packages, we issue our partners monthly maintenance reports. Providing a detailed overview of all of our activity, your current SEO status and our recommendations for future improvements.

My current website is in need of a refresh can you assist?

We have supported many of our partners with website development. Our usual process is to start with a one-off development project, followed by an ongoing website maintenance package. In this way, we can ensure your website is where you would like it to be – and stays that way. If this option would be of interest, we would require a full consultation and briefing to ensure your requirements are fully understood and met.