Lead Generation – 2021 Update

Lead Generation

Get Some Momentum In Your Sales Pipeline

You Know Your Customer Base Better Than Us, But How Well Do You Know The Detail Behind Your Data?

Momentum have been working with their Partners’ data for over twenty years and have become experts in identifying (and filling) gaps, clarifying priority contacts and cleaning duplicate and data errors.

As with many daily tasks, our aim is first to understand what we have and where quick wins can be identified. To do this, we use a combination of in-house specialists to research and qualify contacts. To qualify, we’ll use tools such as telemarketing and human interaction to identify target influencers or decision makers within your data. Going the extra mile to understand your data underpins our service and makes all the difference to the quality of the data we provide. 

Quality In, Quality Out

Quality data allows your sales teams to target real-life contacts instead of navigating roadblocks intentionally placed by businesses to prevent (often useful) direct contact. We believe it’s simply not possible for this level of qualification to achieved solely by paid for lists or automated, online research. Momentum’s individual and proven approach goes the extra mile by researching within your target market to identify positions and names of contacts in companies who are more likely to buy your goods or services. 

A Clear Approach To Data Integrity

We know that the costs of client acquisition are around 2.5 times greater than retention and a staggering five times greater than investing in a programme of real-time data cleansing activities. With 93.9% of all B2B companies suggesting data integrity is their greatest challenge for the next five years, now is the time to get Momentum into your business. 

To Help Improve The Quality Of Your Lead Performance Momentum Will

  • Develop a plan of activities to help you achieve your objectives as soon as possible
  • Create a bespoke CRM platform which identifies essential data points for use by your teams and standardised inputs. (This helps with long-term data integrity.)
  • Continually learn from responses. We’ll learn from outputs provided by your sales teams and continue to improve data quality one contact at a time.

Remember, once the data is clean, you’ll be able to act proactively and with confidence. Understanding more about each prospect helps create or assimilate marketing schemas, making your campaigns work better with appropriate audiences.

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004