Lead Generation – 2021 Update

Lead Generation & Sales Outsourcing

At Momentum, we’ve been offering sales outsourcing to our partners, helping companies across the UK gain new business by generating good, quality leads for over 20 years. Your lead generation strategy is in good hands with our experts

Momentum is your full-service sales support partner delivering on Strategy, Communications and Sales Conversion. Our team of industry experts works alongside your team to understand your specific business requirements and help your employees perform at their best. We do that by offering them all the necessary tools to drive business success – from actionable data insights to valuable leads and a multi-channel digital presence. 

We constantly seek to fine-tune our own skillset and we adapt our services to the changing needs of your organisation. As one of the UK’s most-trusted B2B sales outsourcing companies, we use an intelligent three-step process to improve your data quality, drive more sales and help you achieve your goals:

Momentum Strategy, Communication, Sales Conversion


We use a combination of Market Analysis, Prospect Profiling and Implementation Planning to devise a unique strategy for each of our partners. These tools are underpinned by Momentum CRM, our bespoke data platform


We develop a communications strategy using a well-respected toolkit which includes Data Management, Acquisition and Profiling, Telemarketing, and a full suite of Digital Marketing and Content Creation services.

Sales Conversion

Momentum’s lead generation activities aim to build and maintain a strong pipeline for future conversion. Our work will help create timely messages to help your brand sand out from the competition and improve prospect engagement.

Our sales outsourcing services

Communications are central to successful lead generation and at Momentum, we use a variety of platforms to create great communication strategies for our partners. We are experienced in B2B lead generation, telemarketing, email marketing  & data management. In addition to that, our integrated approach also features a variety of digital marketing tactics, including content marketing, organic SEO, web design and more.


Our systematic approach to telemarketing allows you to identify, qualify and retain valuable leads by building personal relationships and rapport with prospects whilst refining data and reinforcing market intelligence.

Email Marketing

We help you maintain direct communication with your audience and build your brand whilst cost-effectively driving website visits and delivering excellent data insight.

CRM & Data Management

We make your data work for you by ensuring that your campaigns are delivered to the right people at the right time and monitoring the success and ROI of each.

Digital Marketing

We work alongside experts in SEO, PPC, web design and social media to amplify your presence across all digital platforms and help you achieve your business-critical goals.

Content Marketing

We create high-quality written content that both your audience and search engines will love. Our experienced content marketing specialists can leverage the power of great content to help you gain more leads, sales and increase brand awareness. 

Why use our Lead Generation Services?

Our expert outsourced sales team is dedicated to delivering B2B marketing services that drive tangible results. We work with you as partners to help you generate leads and grow your market. Achieving the outcome you envision is our sole focus and while we do that, your in-house team can centre their attention on what they do best and perform to their maximum capacity. 

Over 20 Years in the Business

Knowledge comes with experience and we have more than two decades of it, allowing us to provide some of the best, outsourced sales services in the UK.

Cost-effective solution 

With an industry-leading set of tools and technology and a dedication to delivering results, our services are priced at or under that of a single FTE in your company and work objectively with fewer ‘on-costs.’ 

High-quality lead generation

We put quality first. Instead of using paid lists and automated research, we identify qualified leads by doing market research to understand your prospects better. Knowing who is more likely to be interested in your services, you can adapt your marketing strategy and initiate direct contact with the right people. 

Opportunity to grow

By entrusting complex data tasks to one of the West Midlands’ top lead generation and B2B sales outsourcing companies, you will take a huge burden off your shoulders, giving yourself the time to focus on continuous growth and the future of your business. 

This is what we’ll do as part of our Lead Generation Solutions

  • Develop a strategic plan of activities including market analysis, research and telemarketing to help you achieve your objectives as soon as possible. Take a look at our strategy page to find out all the details!
  • Create a bespoke CRM platform that identifies essential data points for use by your teams and standardised inputs. (This helps with long-term data integrity.)
  • Continually learn from responses. We’ll learn from the outputs provided by your sales teams and continue to improve data quality one contact at a time.

Remember, once the data is clean, you’ll be able to act proactively and with confidence. Understanding more about each prospect helps create or assimilate marketing schemas, making your campaigns work better with appropriate audiences.

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004