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Momentum’s bespoke CRM system & support services are designed to build your Pipeline, segment your Audience and keep Data accurate

From managing your existing client data to accumulating new qualified leads and tracking all interactions with your new and existing customers, Momentum CRM is the all-in-one tool you need to improve your sales pipeline and manage your client relationships. With ongoing training and dedicated CRM support services included, we are a partner you can rely on throughout your entire CRM journey.

What Is CRM?

If you love acronyms, then you will have come across CRM. Customer Relationship Management is a process in which a business or organisation administers interactions with customers, typically using analysis to study copious amounts of data.

That’s all well and good, but won’t my Excel spreadsheet do?

In a survey of West Midlands SMEs conducted during their pandemic, it was found that over two thirds relied upon shared (or hastily emailed) spreadsheets to manage their contacts and prospects. Whilst unsurprising given the challenges we’ve all faced in the last year, the lack of control and potential exposure to data loss and other non-compliant activities, we hope that the days of the spreadsheet are numbered!

Given the Intellectual Property (IP) Value of data, a CRM platform should become an essential tool for every company. This is why we have been perfecting our very own Momentum CRM platform for over 20 years. We designed a CRM system that can help you process data, track changes, extend insight, improve collaboration across internal teams and improve market segmentation, which in turn will improve the ROI of outbound sales and below the line marketing activities.

Momentum CRM Features & Functionality

Momentum CRM is a bespoke system designed based on our own experience built over more than two decades working with Partners from all industries across the UK. It’s a fully customisable solution to your CRM needs and it packs dozens of handy features that help build, strengthen and maintain all your client relationships. Learn more about some of the essential features and functionality our platform has to offer below.

  • Superior Customisation & Integration: Uniquely, Momentum’s CRM boasts a range of customisable options, taking inputs from a variety of sources (including Excel!) and immediately identifies gaps and quality issues. 
  • Full User Access Control: Data can be access-controlled for different users in your company and can be scaled as your business changes, all supported by our team here in the West Midlands.
  • Streamlined Pipeline Management:  CRM is an essential tool for sales, marketing and leadership collaboration. Momentum’s CRM is proven to improve the quality of sales pipelines and is built around your individual requirements. Successful implementation will realise benefits straight away and will continue to build even better results over time.
  • Straightforward Contact Management: Keeping your client data organised and segmented correctly is the most essential function of any CRM system. Momentum’s platform allows you to customise your organisation to make the most of your data. 
  • Reliable CRM Support Services: Our CRM Platform is securely managed in-house in the West Midlands. As part of our partnership, you will be assigned a member of our team who will oversee your data within the platform and will arrange for training and ongoing support as required.
  • Next-Gen Data Quality Control: The CRM platform is linked to the Royal Mail master database which auto checks postcode, county and town. It also checks Companies House and the CTPS register, automatically flagging the contact if it appears on this database.
  • Detailed Reports & Insights: Our CRM platform will generate detailed reports and give you access to actionable insights that you can use as the basis of a successful business strategy

Benefits of using Momentum CRM

  • Simple & agile CRM solution for any business: A lack of tech infrastructure, bad connections when working remotely and issues with old devices shouldn’t get in the way of effective CRM. Our platform is designed to be used on almost any device without the need for giga-fast connections and dispense with flashy interfaces and the need for specialist user training. If users can use the suite of MS software, they will work efficiently on Momentum CRM
  • Better customer services & higher customer satisfaction – Having all your customer data organised and easily accessible makes it much easier to implement automation and deliver communications more quickly and efficiently, contributing to an overall better customer experience
  • Boosted productivity within the business with automation – Dealing with small admin tasks every day eats up your team’s time and leads to fatigue. With Momentum CRM, you can rely on automation to do that for you, allowing your employees to focus on doing what they love and growing your business
  • Improved internal communication – Momentum CRM gives you the power to manage and oversee who has access to what information, ensuring that the relevant people within the business get the right data as soon as possible, while those who don’t need it are not drowned by an overflow of irrelevant information
Why Use Momentum CRM?
We are incredibly proud of the flexibility and functionality provided by our CRM platform. The ability to personalise to each of our partners and their individual users is just one of the many reasons to choose Momentum. Why not book a demo? Call us now to arrange: 024 7666 2004

Got gaps? No problem!

Not only can Momentum’s CRM support, maintain and refine the data you already have, but our team can support a gap analysis and help you fill the holes in your data. We can supplement your database with prospects who meet your criteria and carry out a full profile review before integration.

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