Momentum CRM


A comprehensive, accessible and easy to use CRM platform is an essential tool. Whether you are looking to retain or acquire customers.

Our user-friendly, intuitive platform, comes as standard with all of our communication packages. When used alongside our communication packages, we can support you to maximise your opportunities for lead generation, conversions and sales growth

Most importantly, with a true insight into your return on investment.


Think of the last time you spoke with a prospect customer. Did they have an immediate need?

It's rare, but highlights the need to nurture your target audience until relationships have been established. And their requirements have been identified.

With the Momentum CRM platform, future tasks can be scheduled. Meaning you never miss that call back that you promised in 3 weeks. Equally, this also provides a great visual insight into how your pipeline is shaping up and where your potential customers are in their journey to sale.

Additionally, by tracking interactions in a formal CRM, you gain a better idea of the process, time and resource required for future conversions.

Momentum CRM
The benefits of Momentum CRM
The benefits of Momentum CRM


How do I access the Momentum CRM Portal?

Access to your bespoke portal is available 24/7 online, via the Momentum Website and each of your sales team will be provided with a designated login.

Is there a set up fee?

We do allocate a set up fee for all new partners. However, this is dependant on the services you wish to adopt. For a bespoke quotation and a full breakdown of the set up process, please contact the team directly.


Do you provide Data?

Yes, where required. We work around your preferences and current situation. If you have a vast amount of raw or uncleansed data, for example, we can work to refine it. Alternatively, if you have little data and are looking to expand your customer base, we can supplement your database with companies fitting your prospect portfolio. Either way, we will identify your requirements as part of our set up and briefing process. Likewise, as we continually review the success of our activity and may find a need later in the partnership.