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Working together, Momentum offers a full range of market research services to help define and implement a bespoke strategy that helps your business achieve its ultimate goals, whether its sales, brand visibility, customer satisfaction or better ROI. We make data work for you.

As a leading market research agency based in the heart of West Midlands, here at Momentum, we are dedicated to turning quantitative and qualitative data into valuable insights to give you a competitive edge. We use an analytical and systematic approach to building a custom strategy that serves your specific business goals. 

We believe that every company could benefit from getting closer to their data. Of course, you may already know what your data is telling you, but is it accurate? Does your data perform by categorising lead quality, reinforcing your sales pipeline? 

With 1.7Mb of data being produced every second by the world’s 7.7bn people, each of us is producing data in our work and personal lives like never before. This colossal amount of data needs control, oversight, and stratification – or sorting into chunks, which your business can use to generate sales. 

Our team of data insight experts are the perfect people to do more with your data. We will research every contact and refine each element to ensure your sales and marketing teams are in the best position to contact and talk to the right people. With a mixture of analysis and personalised, compliant telemarketing, we will ensure your teams are wasting no time when finding the right people to buy your services or products. 

Creating a Bespoke Market Research Strategy

Momentum’s approach is based around our core service pillars of Strategy, Communication and Sales Conversion. To reinforce your sales pipeline, our research strategy identifies data sources to provide qualitative outputs quickly, which build over time to provide a data single source of truth. This gives you, as a business owner, the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about the future of your business.

Creating a bespoke market research strategy

Market Analysis

A wide-ranging piece of market research which provides a deep-dive of sector-specific or industry information which provides essential information on customers, clients, propensity to buy and market size. Analysis can be conducted in a primary and/or secondary manner, whereby existing and newly sourced data can be combined to offer a powerful platform for companies of all sizes.

Prospect Profiling

In short, prospect profiling allows companies of all sizes to understand the sales potential of each contact within their database. With further analysis, a complete profile of an organisation can be produced which assesses potential influencers, leadership and budget holders within a company and identifies the best contact routes and communications methods.

Implementation Planning

The implementation phase of any project or programme of work is seldom the end of the journey. Successful implementation not only identifies the prospect, the communication methods and the feedback loop, but it also identifies exactly when it will happen and who will make it work.  We work ‘hand in glove’ with all our partners during this phase, using CRM to capture all salient data. 

Why Choose our Market Research Services?

Over the years of doing paid market research in Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the UK, here at Momentum, we have partnered up with many businesses of all sizes and industries, and we have developed a unique approach centred around our partners’ specific needs. 

We take the time to understand your goals, requirements and objectives and we join you on a journey to achieving them. Whether you want to increase sales, get more leads or identify new opportunities to drive better ROI, we are here to help by offering you:

On-going support & flexibility

From the moment you choose us to be your marketing strategy agency, we will be by your side until you reach the milestones that you have set out at the start. Your goals have changed along the way? We are ready to adapt to the evolving needs of your business and offer the strategic insight to achieve your new objectives.

Exceptional quality

At Momentum, we never compromise with quality. Working with data is a precise and complex process, so we put our best market research experts on it to ensure that your business gets the outstanding results you were looking for.

Dedication to improvement

Every client project is a journey and we take that as an opportunity to grow and do better. We are invested in our continuous improvement and we are always looking to expand our skills and knowledge to be the best market research agency we could be. We want to do better so you can enjoy results that exceed your expectations

20+ Years of experience

With more than two decades of doing market research in Birmingham and the West Midlands, the Momentum team brings invaluable expertise to your business strategy. Having experience in working with a huge variety of industries, we have a solid knowledge base and we have the agility to instantly adapt to your specific industry requirements.

Great value Outsourcing from Momentum

Momentum’s outsourced market research and strategy implementation services take away many unknown costs from your company, by allowing your teams to focus on their role – sales, marketing, admin, etc. By having the right data at the right time, we can help you manage every aspect of a sophisticated marketing campaign, providing insight throughout: and in review. This constant process of learning, doing, and reviewing ensures the absolute best ROI. 

When combined with Momentum’s bespoke CRM software, your data is brought to life for every user within the business, allowing leadership to focus on results, lead generation and filling the pipeline with quality prospects. 

For over twenty years, we’ve helped Partners in almost every industry sector. We’ve worked with high profile companies in Aerospace, Housing and Manufacturing although our step by step-by-step approach will work equally well in every B2B environment. 

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum: we’re able to act on your requirements straight away! 

How does it work?

Interested in paid market research but you are unsure how it actually works? Your partnership journey with us at Momentum begins with an initial Discovery Meeting. Designed to introduce key influencers within your company to our portfolio of services, this initial free, no-obligation meeting is the perfect way for us to get to understand how our market research strategy works and how it can help you obtain the results you are hoping for. 

Ready to start making the most of your data? Give us a call to speak to our market research specialists and discuss your specific business goals and needs. We will give you an initial overview of what services might be best suited for you and how we can deliver on your KPIs. 

Once we have a good understanding of your business and what you want to achieve, we will begin our systematic market research and we will extract actionable insights that will form the basis of your unique strategy. We are skilled at both qualitative and quantitative research and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to get the information you need to succeed. 

Don’t forget we are your partners on this journey and we are committed to helping you achieve your objectives, so if you need to change direction once we’ve started working together, we will adapt our existing strategy to your new situation to get the best results. 

If you already know what you want to achieve, find out how Momentum can get you there

If you’re just starting out, our Discovery Meeting will help you find solutions

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004 or email

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