Strategy – 2021 Update


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We believe that every company could benefit from getting closer to their data. Of course, you may already know what your data is telling you, but is it accurate? Does your data perform by categorising lead quality, reinforcing your sales pipeline? 

With 2Mb of data being produced every second by the world’s 7.7bn people, each of us is producing data in our work and personal lives like never before. This colossal amount of data needs control, oversight, and stratification – or sorting into chunks, which your business can use to generate sales. 

Our team of data insight experts are the perfect people to do more with your data. We will research every contact and refine each element to ensure your sales and marketing teams are in the best position to contact and talk to the right people. With a mixture of analysis and personalised, compliant telemarketing, we will ensure your teams are wasting no time when finding the right people to buy your services or products. 

Market Analysis

Prospect Profiling

Implementation Planning

Momentum’s outsourced services take away many unknown costs from your company, by allowing your teams to focus on their role – sales, marketing, admin, etc. By having the right data at the right time, we can help you manage every aspect of sophisticated marketing campaign, providing insight throughout: and in review. This constant process of learning, doing, and reviewing ensures the absolute best ROI. 

When combined with Momentum’s bespoke CRM software, your data is brought to life for every user within the business, allowing leadership to focus on results, lead generation and filling the pipeline with quality prospects. 

For over twenty years, we’ve helped Partners in almost every industry sector. We’ve worked with high profile companies in Aerospace, Housing and Manufacturing although our step by step-by-step approach will work equally well in every B2B environment. 

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum: we’re able to act on your requirements straight away!  

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Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004 or email