Lead Generation

Outsourcing for Lead Generation is a big decision. But one that can bring significant results.
What could your sales team achieve with a consistent flow of genuine leads?
Whatever your sales process, product or service...
Momentum Partnership are here to support you to achieve your sales aspirations.


Is your sales process heavily meeting led?
Let us improve your chances of sales conversion.

Momentum Partnership is not a call centre with stagnant, impersonal telemarketing scripts. Our team have the personality and sales experience required to engage in conversations and make calls based on quality over quantity, in order to secure qualified appointments with key decision makers, laying the foundations for our partners to grow their business.

Our appointment setting service is closely managed to an agreed set of KPIs (key performance indicators) which can be continually refined as the partnership develops. All activity is then recorded on our Momentum CRM platform so that you can visually understand your sales pipeline and easily track the performance of the partnership. We also produce sales pipeline progress reports at intervals to suit your business.



Thanks to our long history supporting the services sector, Momentum Partnership are highly experienced in generating quality RFQs that have the potential to turn into long term customer accounts.

Much like our appointment setting service, the focus on our RFQ Lead Generation is on quality over quantity. We aren't commission based and we don't tie our partners down with lengthy contracts. We endeavour to retain our partners on the basis of our performance. Hence, it is not in either of our interests to generate quotes of low potential or as part of an obvious bench marking exercise.

We have the sales and relationship building skills, as well as the sales pipeline management tools, to efficiently identify the long term sales potential of a prospect. Which in turn will help you to streamline your quotation process and sift out the ‘gems’ to help focus and enhance your sales conversion efforts.