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From driving sales to increasing brand awareness and launching a new product or a seasonal sales campaign, social media marketing is one of the most essential tools in the business environment today. However, the world of social media changes daily (Does anyone else remember when Friends reunited?) and with millions of businesses around the world trying to spread their messages, the user is faced with oversaturation and grows numb to the traditional advertising techniques.

This is why, at Momentum, we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we combine data profiling and audience research with great copywriting and content design to run effective social campaigns, providing a straightforward way to deliver your brand values and marketing messages to a highly responsive and mobile audience.

As a social media marketing agency based in the West Midlands, we have partnered up with hundreds of companies across the West Midlands and throughout the UK over the last two decades. In that time, we developed our bespoke social media management services package that is strategically designed to fit your business goals and deliver a measurable increase in your ROI.

Did you know?

  • Over two-thirds of business influencers and leaders use social media for personal use and to informally research their own business and market sector.
  • 72% of the UK population uses social media on a daily basis.
  • Social media users are growing older too, with over 50% of Facebook users now over 35 years of age.
Social Media, forming part of a bigger digital strategy

Our Social Media Management Services

Just like the gold rush to register web domains in the 1990s, there is a significant risk to companies of all sizes if official pages aren’t registered on at least four social platforms. Anyone can create a social media page using your own brand assets – and that’s why you need to develop and ‘reserve’ your social media presence. Even multinational firms have recently fallen into this trap, potentially resulting in brand damage, consumer fraud and huge restitution costs.

Momentum can help register your brand across all relevant social media channels and over time, we can develop a wide-ranging marketing strategy that links your social media profiles with CRM, customer research and email marketing campaigns. We can also help with copywriting engaging content and deliver training, coaching and insight sessions to ensure your business stays on top of the constantly changing world of social media. 

Whether you are taking your first steps into social media marketing or you already have existing profiles and you would like to optimise their performance to support your wider business goals, talk to the Momentum team today to discuss how we can help you make the most of your online presence.

Sales conversion

Can I Grow my Social Media presence without cost?

In short, yes… and no. Social media corporations love great content and their algorithm will serve better content to more people who may be interested to ‘linger longer’ on their platform. Naturally, when content is good, people share and spread it organically. However, creating great content in itself has a cost. In addition to that, paid SM marketing is essential for boosting the performance of your content by implementing targeting to secure engagement fast. Therefore, each one of our partners needs a unique combination of both paid and organic social media marketing to achieve their specific goals.

We tailor our Social Media management services based on three key questions:

  • Are you delivering content that requires sensible responses (i.e. liking, following, sharing, or approving?) –  This is called ‘paid-for‘ or ‘sponsored’ content. It’s used in highly-targeted paid social media campaigns designed to achieve quick wins.
  • Are you delivering content that creates a “WOW” effect? – Then use the content to drive results. This is usually known as ‘organic’ content and the only costs you have to worry about is those of content creation and optimization.
  • Are you wanting viewers to linger longer and click through to your website? – The best way to do this is by paying for targeted boosting and using specialised links in posts and in biographies. This will require a combination of paid and organic content.

Social Media campaigns are not expensive, but you will need to factor in medium-term costs to:

  • Grow The Audience
  • Establish the brand
  • Generate The Content
  • Promote Content
  • Review and Repeat

Whichever avenue you choose, Momentum’s digital team can help you launch, grow and establish a quality presence on the right channels.

Ongoing Support and detailed Insight

By its very nature, social media prompts reactions. Every platform encourages user feedback and as such this needs to be controlled and responses collated. Momentum can assist with a package of professionally written and standardised responses, or even use ‘bot’ tools to coordinate auto-responses and AI conversations. Whether you choose automation or human interaction, at Momentum, we are the experts in gaining value from responses and identifying areas of improvement for future campaigns.

Importantly, each SM platform generates useful data insights which you can use to gauge feedback on content, services, and products – often in real-time and more quickly than almost any other marketing campaign. Our approach as a social media marketing agency is to be flexible and constantly adapt our campaigns based on the insights we derive from the data. We are your partners, so we always keep you in the loop with detailed reports and analyses, giving you full visibility of the performance of your campaigns. 

Which Platform will serve my company best?

When it comes to social media, there is never a single answer. In our experience as a social media marketing agency, at Momentum, we believe that most B2B and all B2C companies should be registered on all leading platforms, even if they don’t wish to use them at this point. Each platform targets different markets, but research shows that your influencers may use all social media platforms for varied reasons but feel more ‘valued’ by a brand if they see it more widely. We will elaborate on this in a Social Media whitepaper coming soon.

When choosing the most appropriate Platform, consider the following headlines


Facebook is a great platform for brand building and written / visual content. However, the Facebook audience is increasingly older (30+) and while being more engaged, users expect better standards from the content they see. Hence, it’s well worth investing in creating high-quality content and targeted Facebook advertising to promote your business. Previously social media marketing companies would use group and community activities but as we have seen a decline in engagement with such content, at Momentum, we leverage CRM insights and authentic team messages as part of our strategy.


Owned by Facebook and geared towards younger (18-29), mobile audiences, Instagram is a platform driven by visual content. Subtle changes in functionality (known as stories) provide an interesting source of brand and product mass research. As more than ⅔ of users visit business profiles on Instagram every day, we would focus on this channel in our SM management services if your business model targets young adults.


Twitter is almost impossible to monetise effectively with low budgets but it’s an essential way to reach older and well-educated influencers and researchers. Be prepared for instant feedback! Twitter posts can burn bright and short, requiring your company to be active and responsive immediately after the post goes live. This is why ensuring your channels are effectively managed is extremely important when engaging with Twitter audiences.


Owned by Microsoft, this platform is essential for all businesses and professionals, who want to put out their message to a circle of industry experts and professionals. Difficult to monetise but essential for organic growth, Linkedin is a channel that here, at Momentum, we use to deliver curated messages, generate qualified leads and drive relevant traffic to your business website.

Let us Help you Choose the Right Channel at the Right Time

Not sure what channels best suit your business? Momentum is the marketing agency in Birmingham to help you find the right answer to this question. By establishing your needs and ambitions, our digital team can help you find the best route to building a strong online presence.  

Social media is a platform of numbers. Relatively small investments in paid/sponsored campaigns can lead to large levels of Reach and Engagement, all of which provide a great opportunity for conversion or brand presence. 

To quantify ROI, we will recommend one or more channels to develop using our social media management services. By understanding your target market and content tone of voice, we’ll develop a written and graphical online presence, create targeted audiences and monitor results on an ongoing basis.

As With All Momentum’s Services, It All Starts With A Chat. Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive, digital world. Get going now, talk to Momentum. 024 7666 2004