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Get a real insight into how your web presence is performing and how to improve it with Momentum’s Website Health – it’s just like an MOT for your website.

Get found online and reach a wider audience using the power of Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). At Momentum, we work with a team of commercially-minded SEO experts equipped with market-leading digital tools and commercial experience to deliver tangible results and excellent ROI for your business.
By using Momentum’s Website Health check, you can benefit from a report giving you an overall look on your website designed to tell you what you’re missing to be with the top results on search engines, with just one payment of £200

Our Website Health Check is perfect for you to see things such as:

  • Your Website’s Loading Speed
  • SEO Impact
  • Browser & Device Compatibility

Our Website Health Check Tools include

Grow your business with technical SEO

Technical SEO is the first step to making your way on page one of Google search results. Our technical SEO experts will make sure that the technical side of your website has the correct configuration so it can be crawled, rendered and indexed by Google. Using industry-leading technical SEO techniques, we optimise your website to achieve outstanding user experience, high rankings and optimal overall performance. 

We do that by performing a full Website Health Check to help your site be the best it can be so Google can see it and your target audience can discover your business more easily.

Partnering up with Momentum

If your website fails to meet Google’s standards of performance, this inevitably has a negative impact on your rankings, even if you have great SEO-friendly content on your site. Our experienced technical SEO consultants look under the bonnet to find out the technical issues that stand in the way of your reaching your audience and fix them. 

At Momentum, we work in partnership with you and we are here to communicate with you and support you in any way we can. From clear, visual reporting to one-to-one conversations, you will have access to all the information you need to understand the true impact of technical SEO on your business and the value of your investment.

We have worked with various content management systems (CMS), so whether your website uses a popular CMS, such as WordPress or Magento, or if you have a completely bespoke CMS, our team will be able to perform a full Website Health Check and get your site back in shape using the best tools and techniques available.

What else do I get with my Site Health Check?

Along with your full health check report, Momentum will also provide you with a 15-20 minute video, explaining the processes taken. We will include recommendations that will allow you to improve your website health. This will also include estimated times and costs should you wish to choose Momentum as your technical SEO agency in Birmingham, Coventry and the West Midlands.

To keep your website healthy in the long term, check out our website packages here.

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