B2B Telemarketing

Need to generate Leads and win new business? Instruct team Momentum to initiate contact and identify Sales Opportunities on your behalf with our B2B Telemarketing service

We’re only human, after all

Human interaction has always been the most effective way of determining the quality of a sales prospect, but a conversation alone will not always deliver results. Successful B2B telemarketing is a fine balance of research and prospect qualification: in essence, asking the right question, to the right contact at exactly the right time.

Whilst some would say that timing is a matter of luck (the right person answering their phone at the appropriate moment), we believe that a good telemarketing agency should be a prime source of fruitful research that will identify when a call is likely to be most successful, leading to an improved sales conversion rate. This is why at Momentum, we focus our telemarketing efforts to help our Partners in the West Midland and across the UK leverage the best quality data to achieve an outstanding ROI.

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What can be expected from a Momentum B2B Telemarketing campaign?

  • We’ll professionally represent your brand and deliver agreed sales and marketing messages in direct conversations with your prospects.
  • We will gather market intelligence on buying behaviour, current suppliers and market potential by asking appropriate questions to the right audience.
  • We will cleanse and update data into Momentum’s CRM platform on a real-time basis to ensure sales teams have timely access to accurate prospect information.

A word about CRM

As we know, having the right data to hand improves the chance of success, and that’s why we developed our own CRM platform to support our telemarketing activities, not just for Momentum, but also for our partners.

Our bespoke CRM platform will help you identify sales opportunities from telemarketing activities on a real-time basis. This single source of truth is invaluable when developing new products and services or when hosting webinars, exhibitions or events.

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Experience, Professionalism, and Talent

Momentum are experts in maximising key success criteria when developing a B2B telemarketing campaign, which includes dedicating a member of our West Midlands team to your company. This will ensure that your contact understands the complete brief, undertakes appropriate due diligence, and can spot immediate needs for onward cascade to you or your sales teams. 

Each of our telemarketing team has years of experience in deriving the best results from your data and is trained to interpret findings to continually improve data quality performance for future campaigns. Each of our Telemarketing Executives will work professionally and unobtrusively with all target companies on your database and will represent your brand values in full.

Momentum – Experts in Lead Qualification & B2B Telemarketing

As one of the leading telemarketing companies in the UK, we understand that successfully qualifying leads is both time consuming and almost impossible unless you know the company, the person and the best time to contact. 

Our team are experts in going the extra mile to furnish you with accurate data about your prospects, but lead qualification requires many more metrics than simply knowing a contact name.  

Momentum’s approach to qualification is all about researching the size, shape and propensity to buy, and elimination of those who don’t, won’t or can’t fit the bill. 

Example Case Study – ABC Janitorial

A janitorial supplies company wants to sell a new range of eco-friendly cleaning products to a serviced office facility in West Bromwich. There is a facilities manager (FM) in situ with autonomous buying power. 

To understand more about this Prospect, Momentum will ascertain the namecontact details and working hours for the FM. We will ascertain from the FM and from other supporting research (such as telephone surveys), the size of the premisesdetails of facilities to be serviced (such as volumes of people using facilities), existing suppliersattitudes to sustainable cleaning productsvolume of current products used and the budget, tender process for new suppliers, etc. 

By capturing this information, our Partner has a complete data profile of their Prospect and therefore is able to create a sales proposal that is most likely to succeed or discount the prospect from their client lists. 

This detailed information is presented on our bespoke CRM platform or can be delivered into your own CRM or Sales Management software. 

What do you want to know about your Prospects? 
Not just for janitorial supplies!

This level of lead qualification granularity is not industry-specific. If you’ve got questions about your prospects, we’ll usually be able to find data to help you identify the warmest leads for your sales teams. 

Take a look below at just a few questions which can be asked of your Prospects

Existing: With an increasing roster of companies now offering services on a contractual basis, retention and churn prevention is now a key performance metric and is crucial to profitability.   

By scheduling a programme of contract renewal telemarketing and when combined with Momentum’s CRM, our partners can stay on top of their churn and get ahead of competitor outbound marketing.  

If your company is looking to bid for local authority, HM Government or other public sector funding, Momentum can help in researching the sector ahead of your application. We’ll help find key prospect information to make your application / submission stand out from the crowd. 

If your company is bidding for a contract or creating a proposal for works, defining the size of the prize is of crucial importance. Understanding the volume, quantity of products or services used by employees or contractors will help you calculate margins and predict long term contract sustainability. 

Inhouse or outsource? 

Research can provide inaccurate results or stall all together if potential prospects close down your contact by directing enquiries to outsourced partners. Our team of telemarketing experts create in-depth, open questioning techniques to understand the detail behind outsourced contracts and to identify where even the smallest opportunities may exist.

If you’re selling a service, product or SAAS, it’s important to know every detail of your prospect. It’s relatively simple to identify a need for a product, but Momentum’s expertise is to ascertain the type, size and scale of the contract size and exactly what equipment or service your company will replace.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask our team by contacting us

Who can we help?

At Momentum Partnership, we have been helping clients across the UK with their business to business telemarketing needs since 1998. In this time, we have worked with companies across all industries from manufacturing and the service sector to the automotive industry and research development. We also have the experience and resources to offer telemarketing services for small businesses and large corporations alike. So, whatever your business is, Momentum is the perfect B2B telemarketing company in the West Midlands to call!

The Success Story

See our clients who have been satisfied with our sales and marketing solutions

Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason
Momentum fulfill the Business Devlopment role for Mason & King, offering a wide range of services from email marketing to social media management. Their expertise allows them to gain access to decision makers within organisations typically not available to the casual caller. Highly recommended to fill a development/ marketing role many SME companies do not have internally.
Sean Davies
Sean Davies
“We recognised the need to implement a marketing strategy that could support our objective to evolve the business; diversify our target market, increase our customer base and ultimately develop the profitability of Kiyokuni Europe Ltd. Working with Momentum Partnership has provided us with the time, the resource and the expertise that we are lacking in house, to drive our marketing communications forward and help us to achieve this objective.”
Barkley Plastics
Barkley Plastics
Great company that provides exceptional e-mail marketing support and analysis. Friendly and professional
Ryan Hatch
Ryan Hatch
We worked with Momentum Partnership for a little over a year. Within that time frame they helped us gain valuable new customers and RFQ's from companies we had never previously dealt with. The team at Momentum were always professional and helpful. Would highly recommend.
Mark Covill
Mark Covill
Momentum have proven to be professional in all aspects of our relationship from preparing material to the customer contact in follow up activity.
Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien
“Momentum invested time getting to know Forward; to understand our business aims and objectives, whilst respecting our culture. Our trust in Momentum has been rewarded with real results, which have enabled us to invest further in our business.”
Andy Eastwood
Andy Eastwood
“Carrs have been very happy with the whole experience of working with Momentum, and particularly are pleased with the way Laura, our dedicated sales partner, works with our sales team. She is always extremely pleasant to deal with and communication of her weekly tasks is excellent.”
Nicola Yapp
Nicola Yapp
Heather and the Momentum team helped my business create a clear sales strategy. Together we defined our target audience and they then worked to build us a database, improve our website and start communicating with our potential customers. They have completely refreshed our approach to sales and marketing which has helped us to secure new business.
peter nee
peter nee
Would recommend this company to all future staff and clients. Great management in place to help you build your skill set and reach personal and business aspirations!

B2B Telemarketing in recovery

Despite the challenges of the last 12 months, many industries expect a rapid rebound in sales performance over the next five years, although residual challenges will remain in certain sectors. With workforces likely to remain at home or in multiple locations for some time, telemarketing helps find the best contact in the best location. This will save time dialling incorrect or discontinued numbers and improve your company reputation by avoiding the interruption of personnel without the capacity to influence or make decisions. 

With your sales teams set to be busy, why burden them with administrative or prospecting calls, when outsourcing to Momentum can do this in the background, diligently building rapport, generating a consistent flow of genuine leads for our partners. 

Momentum Based in the West Midlands Offer Flexible and Professional B2B Telemarketing Services Which Are Aligned to Your Business Requirements and Ambitions

Momentum helps your business move forward in a competitive world. Get going now, talk to our B2B Telemarketing experts at Momentum. 024 7666 2004